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    Wanted H majuscula sub male.

    I have a sub female, she’s about to molt and I would really like my female to have a male.
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    Wanted Mature female ghost mantis

    If anyone has a newly matured ghost please pm me.
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    SCAM ALERT! Jrmorrissey

    Don’t buy from this scammer. You’ll pay and you won’t receive anything. He is lying, so don’t give you money to him.
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    For Sale Ghost mantises for sale!

    I have i4 ghost mantises available for $12 each. I also have i5 ghost mantises for $15 each. Pm me if you’re interested. I have bulk discounts as well. I have quite a few available at the moment. 10+ is $10, 20+ is $9 each, 30+ is $8 each.
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    For Sale L3-l4 ghost mantises and l2 Stagmomantis Carolina for sale

    I have quite a few available and ready for new homes. They are $10 each and I will discount them if ordered in bulk. Let me know if you’re interested. I also have Stagmomantis Carolina nymphs available as well. They will be available in a few weeks. They are $7 each and I will discount bulk...
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    Wanted Brunners mantis

    If anyone has any available let me know
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    For Sale L2 ghost nymphs for trade

    Hi, I have quite a few ghost mantis nymphs I’d like to trade to get new mantis species for my collection. Let me know if you have any nymphs or ooths you’d like to trade.
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    Ahhh man that sucks big time Dang! $540??? That’s insane, I didn’t realize how much a scammer he really is. I’m sorry that happened to you. How did you get scammed out of that amount? We should really have a pinned section about not buying from scummy websites like USmantis. I’m surprised he...
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    Just a PSA for all the newbies getting started in the hobby. One of the most notorious scammers is USmantis. He has scammed a lot of people out of money. Go read some of the reviews he has on google. They are terrible. He often never sends the order or send the wrong mantis that is nearly dead...
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    Wanted Any fertile ooths

    Looking for any fertile ooths, preferably creobroter. But anything else will suffice
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    L1 budwing failed molt

    I have around 3 so far that have gotten stuck and then died molting to i2. I mist them daily and have a humidifier on them. I’m not sure what’s happening, anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?
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    Wanted Looking for ooths other than ghost

    If anyone has any available in the us let me know
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    Need help breeding S supplicaria

    I got an adult pair a week ago. The female started calling 4 days ago. I introduced the male and he seems to be interested. He slowly creeps up on her. But if she looks at him, he run away and show no interest in her after that. I’ve tried everyday and it’s the same thing. I keep the female...
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    Dwarf wood scorpion (Liocheles australasiae) for trade

    In a little bit I’m gonna have a few scorplings that I can trade for anything (mantids preferably). Two of my females are soon to give birth so I’ll have them available in a month. They are a super fun and really easy to raise. They are tiny and only about an inch in length when adult and are...
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    Caring for ghost mantis ooths

    So I’ve been in and out of raising mantids for a while now. And I always struggled with ooths. They either never hatch or mold. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. I place them on the lid facing downward. I use a 32 oz deli cup with a decent amount of ventilation. I keep wet paper towel at...
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    Looking for beginner species ooths

    Hi, I’m looking for easy to care for, fertile ooths or a pair of adults. Let me know if you have any.
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    Hi! I'm looking for phasmid eggs of various species for purchase. Shoot me a message and we can work out pricing. Thanks, Levi
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    Looking for Dead mantises

    Hi, I am looking for dead praying mantises.  I will pay $2-$5 depending on the species. 
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    Tenodera sinensis nymphs

    I have a bunch of l1 Nymphs for sale.  They are $3 each plus shipping, which dependson where you live.  Feel free to contact me at [email protected]
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    Luna Moth eggs

    Just had my female hatch, she is a really nice size.  I'm asking $10/Dozen.  Feel free to PM me or send me a email at [email protected]