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  1. jmb

    Heat and humidity suggestions

    Thanks for the reply- that's all helpful. I guess it would have been helpful to add the species! It's a Budwing- I got this one as it was suggested to be reasonably "hardy" It's also good to know they tend to hang around the top (which is indeed mesh, makes sense about heat escaping then!)
  2. jmb

    Heat and humidity suggestions

    Hi all, First questions around heat and humidity. The temps have dropped here at home and my thermometer tells me the enclosure is between 20-22 degrees which is probably a bit cold. Humidity around 50-55% When I first set up last week it was more like 24 degrees and 65%. I got a small 5w heat...
  3. jmb

    Hi! New first-timer

    Hi all, I've just gotten my first Mantis - the cats seem indifferent so far... I'm based in Norfolk, UK. Will have some questions to ask I'm sure, and hopefully in time I can share my experience and photos. James