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  1. SunOfRa

    LF Carolina Mantids

    Looking to purchase around 6 mantids to live in the garden.
  2. SunOfRa

    My beautiful ghost

    Healthy ghost enjoying a lovely day outside.
  3. SunOfRa

    Orchid Mantis Won't stop pacing

    She may just be excited to be in her new home. They love to explore and climb all over the place. Have you found her resting yet?
  4. SunOfRa

    Struggling with euthenasia...

    I love reading all the responses here. You guys(and gals) are great! Funny how something so tiny can affect you so much and have so much personality. The last mantids I kept and raised I just let them go. It always coincided that it was around early summer/late spring when they were ready. I...
  5. SunOfRa

    bad mismolt

    I really hope so :-) for the both of you!
  6. SunOfRa

    I think my mantis is dying

    I'm sorry to hear about this. It comes on fast and it's never easy. The best you can do is give her safe keeping and love her even when she's gone. I know I felt the same way about one of my Carolina mantids. It came to me as a nymph and it was successful through every molt it had. Then on the...
  7. SunOfRa

    Struggling with euthenasia...

    You should have crushed her really. I'm not trying to be harsh but I say if you have to let it go better to have it go quickly. I know this all too well I had lost a couple mantids I raised from nymphs to adult and it was hard as could be but sometimes you just have to let them go. I still miss...
  8. SunOfRa

    bad mismolt

    Ah geez hate to hear this. I know that Mantids go through a lot of molts and have time to regenerate depending on which stage they are in. Don't lose hope. I have raised Carolinas and Ghost Mantids and I had a few issues with both. Just hang in there and hope for the best.
  9. SunOfRa

    Old mantis tearing holes in screen and getting stuck

    Yes my African Ghost did this a lot after she got pregnant. Once she laid the oothca I put it and her outside, said goodbye, and wiped my tears. Funny how something so tiny can affect you so hard. Sure do miss her.
  10. SunOfRa

    Ghost mantids survival question

    I'd separate them. I raised a group of 5 from nymphs and a few became tasty snacks. Then as adults the one ate the other--funny. I took the resulting ootheca and set it free outside. I miss that mantis. I love mantids lol.
  11. SunOfRa

    D_Hemptress (US)

    Dana is very awesome and patient! I received some nymphs from her today along with some flies and everything is happy. She is very quick to respond to any e-mail and very nice to deal with. Thanks Dana! :)
  12. SunOfRa

    Nymph Escaped in House - Any Tips?

    That's great!!
  13. SunOfRa

    Mantis Behavior

    Mine always wanted to climb on my face. It was pretty funny. Though most of the time he just hung upset down from a plant haha. Ahh I love mantids.
  14. SunOfRa

    Mantis Behavior

    Why do mantids somtimes reach ouch to "grab" at the air around them when you walk with them on your hand or arm?
  15. SunOfRa

    Hello from Carolina

    Thanks everyone. Rick, loved the pictures from the Bugfest. Awesome to see you live only a few hours away! I look foreward to talking to everyone and thanks again for the warm welcome.
  16. SunOfRa

    Nymph Escaped in House - Any Tips?

    I really hope you find him! Don't give up!
  17. SunOfRa

    Nymph Escaped in House - Any Tips?

    Did you ever find him??
  18. SunOfRa

    Hello from Carolina

    I am thinking about getting a Phyllocrania paradoxa next. They look so fascinating!
  19. SunOfRa

    Hello from Carolina

    Hey everyone, I am new to the mantis world. I have always enjoyed them, but never had the chance to keep one as a pet. One day in Spring, I ran across what I thought was an ant outside my parent's home. It ended up being a nymph (Stagmomantis Carolina). I went to the local pet store and picked...
  20. SunOfRa

    Lethargic behavior leads to death

    You are so right. I felt like such a jack- because I put him in a larger atrium and there was a cricket in there but I didn't see it I wonder if the cricket nibbled on his abdomen. I thought he needed a bigger setup to molt because he was so big. Then I go back and look and he molted from the...