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  1. Mantis Lady

    Choeradodis rhombicollis in heavy premolt for a week?

    Mantids stop eating before molting then you know when they are close to molting. But is sad she didn't make it. Sorry for your loss
  2. Mantis Lady

    Firenkyo's Mantids

    Gratz on the adulthood of Minty. He looks beautiful. Did you name your ghost yet?
  3. Mantis Lady

    My macro pics

    Beautiful pics:love: The jumping spider eyes are clear and the mantids, beautiful. I never could make such pics of my mantids sadly enough
  4. Mantis Lady

    Dealing With The Death Of A Mantis

    Mantids have personalities. I have seen it in my mantids. When Anainah died I cried. Fought for her life because somehow she didn't eat. I had to force fed her. I got her to sub adult stage. Even she was just an insect, I cared for her. Happy that she had eaten a few bites..
  5. Mantis Lady

    My mantis doesn't want to eat

    Anainah is dying. She is dying because she didn't eat much, I had to force fed her whole life. I feel really sad because I fought for her en I lost.😭
  6. Mantis Lady

    Ghost Communal

    A green ghost is special. She is beautiful
  7. Mantis Lady

    My mantids

    Gratz on the hatch
  8. Mantis Lady

    Doodles/Sketches/Art Thread

    Now I can see the mantis in your pics hand. It is cute
  9. Mantis Lady

    can I ask a possibly controversial question??

    My hubby knows I have 5 adult hissing roaches:ROFLMAO: Those I won't feed to my mantids. But their young I will. Last year we had a heatwave to they mated and got young, my mantis of last year lived on them. We have had a heatwave again, so free feeders in the winter because I don't know what...
  10. Mantis Lady


  11. Mantis Lady

    My mantis lost a leg.

    She molted yesterday en she had a good molt and she has grown a new small leg. I think she has one more molt to go, so the leg will grow bigger. It is nice to see how nature fixes a lost leg with next molt to replace the lost one:cool:
  12. Mantis Lady

    My mantis lost a leg.

    Eccept for the spring legs. Those I trew away and moved her to a new home to have enough space for her next molt
  13. Mantis Lady

    My mantis lost a leg.

    Good to know, it will grow back. Think she has 2 molts to go. I dont think she feels handicapped with one leg less. she will adapt if her new leg is smaller than her other legs. Hope she will eat good for the energy she needs to gow that leg back. She is still a problematic eater but yesterday...
  14. Mantis Lady


  15. Mantis Lady

    My mantis lost a leg.

    My mantis Anainah lost a leg during her last molt. Will her leg grow back with her next molt? It is one of her walking legs. She doen't seem to miss it. She climbs like she have all her legs. I think she is L5 (dont know fore sure, in pets hop they couldn't tell me how she she was when I...
  16. Mantis Lady

    can I ask a possibly controversial question??

    I think that is the reason. they watch you with turning their head like we do and front legs look like arms. Just human like. But feeders must be taken care for too, because that will be the meal for the mantis. I have a few big hissing roaches, but but won't feed them to my mantis. but with...
  17. Mantis Lady

    Tarachodula pantherina

    Look those big eyes. Panther mantids are cute
  18. Mantis Lady

    Ghost mantis feeders

    small grasshoppers,
  19. Mantis Lady

    New mantis

    Thanks, I had to force fed Anainah And she is eating a nice juicy half dubia. Think she likes the white goo in them. I still prefer she hunt her own food but I won't let her starve.
  20. Mantis Lady

    First molt in my care

    Did Coffee molt? Had he a good molt?