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    Rehoming a Chinese Mantis in Washington DC

    Hi all, I will be moving out of the country in about a week and want to find a home for my male Chinese Mantis. He is about 5 months old, and has been mostly free range (hangs out in the plant by the window most of the time). I'm an accidental mantis mom - he and a couple others hatched in my...
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    abdomen popped

    Thank you. Is super glue toxic though? Do you think I should try to push in the eggs that are on the outside? Or remove them? I tried earlier to see if they would come off easily and they feel pretty hard/stuck. They look like they have dried a little too. Thanks, -a
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    abdomen popped

    @Digger, oh my goodness you are giving me hope! Can I ask you some questions about how you actually did this? My girl has a similar problem, with some eggs (maybe) on the outside. Thanks in advance.
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    Help! My Mantis' belly burst, what can I do?

    Thank you. My fingers are crossed too. Hopefully @agent A has some thoughts to share. Thank you!
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    Help! My Mantis' belly burst, what can I do?

    Hi all, Very distraught first time mantis keeper. My mantis' abdomen has recently gotten a lot bigger, I have cut way back on the feeding and haven't fed her in several days. Today I think she fell from where she was perched (kind of high up), when I found her she had already climbed quite a bit...
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    Mesmerized by the disco ball

    Pretty girl is ready for the party! Just in case you needed some joy. :D
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    Cloudy Eye Help?

    Hi all, hoping someone can help. Over that last few days one of my mantis' eyes started to slowly (over about 3 days) go black. His eyes usually go black quickly at night, but this seems different, it started in one corner and slowly made its way across one eye, even during the day and in full...