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    Good bye and thank you!

    I joined this forum about a year ago after catching a gravid female European mantid. I got bit by the mantid bug and ended up keeping several different species and breeding a few. It was a fascinating experience and I want to thank all of the kind and generous people on the forum that helped me...
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    Rhombodera stalli hatch!

    I had one female r. stalii that successfully mated with one of my males. That was in March. She never laid an ooth and died earlier this month.
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    I went foraging for the first time...

    My number one tip: Leave the iPod home! Why immerse yourself in nature and listen to man made racket, when natures sound track is so much better? Instead, bring binoculars and/or a magnifying glass. Happy foraging!
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    Ooth bound?

    Thanks. Re-mating is no longer an option since the male died. I just gave her a huge drink of water, misted her down good, and moved her net cage out to my organic garden. There are plenty of sticks in the cage for her to choose from. Fingers crossed.
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    Ooth bound?

    My rhombodera stali mated on May 3rd and has not laid an ooth yet. Her health is deteriorating, she has a difficult time holding her own weight up. She still eats like a champ, I don't know what's going on.
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    Hello from my Zoo! :-)

    Welcome! What kind of T's does your husband have?
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    Rhombo won't lay eggs!?

    Thanks. I have her in a net cage with plenty of branches to choose from. Maybe I'll let her free range after this weekend if nothing happens.
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    Rhombo won't lay eggs!?

    Two months ago today my rhombodera stalii mated and she has not made an ooth yet. What gives? She looked restless the other day and I thought for sure she was ready, but nothing. She's eating and drinking and is nice and fat. I don't get it.
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    Skipper skipping

    Nice shot. Those guys are fast it's amazing you got a picture in flight. Enjoy the new camera.
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    R. stalli lays an ooth

    Congrats to you and your stalii! Mine mated on 5/3 and still has not laid an ooth. She's huge and I'm starting to get worried.
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    What Mantid To Try???

    I don't think you can go wrong starting out with a bud wing or an Indian flower mantid. To me ghosts aren't a great choice for a beginner. They grow slowly and are often picky eaters. God luck with what ever you choose.
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    Welcome back, sounds like a great trip! Looking forward to the photos.
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    New Mantids

    Enjoy your mantids, they are addicting for sure!
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    Green Bottle Blue Post Molt

    There's a certain happiness a molt brings that only an invert keeper can understand.
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    Unknown spider

    Some type of jumping spider.
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    Florida Entomology Camp!

    Have a great time!
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    Spider friend for an arachnophobic

    I wish they would get as big as my tarantulas. Now that would be fun!
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    When will she lay eggs already!

    M r. stalii mated on 5/3 and has been an eating machine since then. She's starting to look like a green football but has yet to lay her eggs. Do they normally take this long? This is going to be one heck of an ooth!