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  1. LauraMG

    Getting a home for my first mantid

    Mantids tend to hang on the top of their habitats and dangle upside down most of the time. If the top is mesh, than that will work great. If it is not, you can use a hot glue gun in low heat and add mesh of some kind to supply a good gripping surface.
  2. LauraMG

    Getting a home for my first mantid

    1. Substrate: I prefer coconut fiber. Cheap, holds moisture, easily available. Sphagnum moss is good also, although a bit more expensive. Whatever looks best with what you're going for in the terrarium. 2. Plants: Depends on terrarium size. The top to bottom must have a clearance twice the...
  3. LauraMG


    Me too! I got out of mantids altogether until recently when one presented himself to me in the garden. Good to hear from you :-)
  4. LauraMG

    Laura G's photo thread

    Thanks! Some very interesting mods there! The way to set aperture size and shutter speed on this camera is totally different than my last one, so I can't wait to tighten it all up and capture some killer shots!
  5. LauraMG

    Agressive Mantids

    I've been bitten a couple of times, and I deserved it almost every single time! :lol: Generally it's not their first line of defense, but if it comes down to it, stuff happens! I've also had a ghost drinking from a droplet on my hand and nip by accident. "Randy" males have been known to bite...
  6. LauraMG

    Laura G's photo thread

    A Nikon D5000 with a Nikkor 18-55mm VR lens. Not the best in the world, but better than what I had and I got a really great deal on it. Still getting used to it... I was experimenting with aperture size tonight and testing my auto focus
  7. LauraMG

    Laura G's photo thread

    I got a new camera and have been playing around with it, getting used to it's settings and such. Figure I'll start a new photo thread because they'll be flowing out of this new beautiful camera! Cheers! Sub adult female Gongy Sub adult male MEGA MANTIS!!!! Double fisting blue bottle H...
  8. LauraMG


    Welcome welcome!!!
  9. LauraMG

    just on my mind

    Man, that's a super sucky situation. So sorry Rebecca :(
  10. LauraMG

    Got Accepted!!! Whoo hoo!

    Yay! Now the easy part is over! :lol:
  11. LauraMG

    molt interval

    Depending on their feeding and hydration, they can easily delay their development on molt much more slowly than "normal". Humidity and temp can affect them too, as well as the species, as well as the molt. Sounds like you're doing everything right and she'll molt when she's ready! (I hate that)
  12. LauraMG

    sayin hey

    Welcome welcome!
  13. LauraMG

    NZ Mantids

    Welcome! :D
  14. LauraMG

    Lets see the face behind the username!

    :lol: The fact that you're biting her head adds so much to the masks!
  15. LauraMG

    Kiet´s Nymphs

    Awesome eyes!
  16. LauraMG

    a few quick pics

  17. LauraMG

    Record keeping

    I keep a running note in my phone about how many I have of what species and what sex and what molt and such. It keeps sanity to having a bunch of them! :lol:
  18. LauraMG

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome welcome!!! :D
  19. LauraMG


    Welcome welcome!
  20. LauraMG

    Hi from MIdwest

    Welcome from Oklahoma City!