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  1. J

    Iris oratria Ooths For Sale 2012

    Hello everyone, As usual, I have Iris oratoira (Mediterranean Mantis) ooths for sale again this year. -All ooths were produced from October to December 2011. -Fertility is guaranteed. All of my females were mated multiple times with different males to ensure and maximize viability...
  2. J

    Iris oratoria incubation

    Hey guys! Nice to see some Iris chat! I've kept the species for about the last 6 years or so and have learned quite a bit about them. According to some people that I have spoken to, Iris does not need a diapause period. However, in some parts of their range in the US (like right here where I...
  3. J

    My Guide for Relaxing/Spreading/Pinning Mantid Specimens

    I made some videos of a specimen I spread today: Part 1:
  4. J

    Some CP shots...

    If any of you would like to join a carnivorous plant forum, I highly suggest: Full of great people and tons of info!
  5. J

    Iris Oratoria hatch

    I know this is a late, but I am thrilled to see that the ooths hatched for you! As stated they are small, but really tough and hungry beasts once they settle down. My remaining ooths have not hatched yet, but I'm keeping them at room temperature. I'm sure they'll hatch by the end of the month.
  6. J

    Iris oratria Ooths For Sale

    Bump! Many are still available! =) -Joel
  7. J

    Iris oratria Ooths For Sale

    Hi everyone, I had another successful breeding season and I now have several Iris oratoria (Mediterranean Mantis) ooths for sale. -All ooths were produced from October to December 2010. -Fertility is guaranteed. All of my females were mated multiple times with different males to...
  8. J

    What a lag, but the I. oratoria ooths are now hatching!

    Hey guys! It's been a while since I've been on here. I hope everyone is doing fine. There were a couple of you that purchased I. oratoria ooths from me and asked me to post pictures of when mine hatched... Well, here they are! We had some unbelievably cool temperatures this spring here where I...
  9. J

    Iris oratoria Ooths For Sale

    Final bump. Several ooths are still available and all are now out of cold period and have begun incubation. Thanks to all that purchased! :)
  10. J

    Iris oratoria Ooths For Sale

    Bump. Several ooths are still available. All are now nearing the end of their cold storage for the winter and I will be placing them in incubation soon!
  11. J

    Need an Honest Opinion

    Ditto. I don't post on the forum very often, but I do visit and read threads very frequently. To be honest, I'm quite surprised the admin(s) let you back on here and still continue to do so. I hesitated about posting on here because it legitimizes this thread, which reads "me, me, me" all over...
  12. J

    Iris oratoria Ooths For Sale

    Bump. Lot of ooths still available. Thank you to those that have already ordered. :)
  13. J

    Iris oratoria Ooths For Sale

    Bump! Still available... :)
  14. J

    How to correctly write scientific names/ooth display

    Large to small is eye catching. However, I think alphabetical order (by genus of course) would be the most formal/professional.
  15. J

    Iris oratoria Ooths For Sale

    Hey everyone! I hope all of you are enjoying your winter. It’s that time of the year and I have finished my mantid season, and thus I have lots of Iris oratoria ooths for sale. -Ooths are ready to ship. -They are a temperate species and will tolerate below freezing temperatures, so...
  16. J

    Internal parasites

    Very interesting! Thanks for the follow-up, Rick.
  17. J

    Internal parasites

    Here is that subadult Iris oratoria female I was speaking of. I found her yesterday (Tuesday, 9/23/09) in my back yard. Her abdomen was black, but not torn open. Today (Wednesday), I went back to the same place and she is still there. However, her abdomen is now torn open and has a huge hole in...
  18. J

    Internal parasites

    Funny, I too saw a subadult native female in the wild with the same problem not too long ago. So, you guys really think fly eggs can incubate and hatch from inside the mantis if a gravid female fly was eaten (along with her eggs)?