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    Looking for Schizocephala bicornis

    It's been a while since I was in the hobby, but I used to keep all kinds of species back then.  My favorite by far were the Schizocephala bicornis.  Does anybody have any or a lead on them?  I'd be interested in ooth(s), nymphs, adults, etc. Thanks!
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    need texas unicorn adult male

    I'm in need of an adult male texas unicorn. I'd rather do a breeding loan, but I may purchase him if the price is right. :)
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    Bugfest 2010 *PICS ADDED*

    Oh geeze, long time, no post, for me. :( As usual, it was a lot of fun, but MUCH busier. Probably the most interesting part of the day was when one of my chinese females jumped on a boy who was pretty squeamish. After being slapped and squeezed, I'm surprised it even survived. :blink...
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    White Spot Assassin bugs for sale

    Hey all, I've been busy this summer, but I've been reading this forum here and there, just haven't posted in a while. ;) I do have an excess of White Eye Assassin bugs for sale. I'm only selling adults. $8 each. Will give extras on bulk orders. :) If you happen to have questions...
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    WANT Chinese mantis ooths!!!

    I am in dire need of several chinese ooths. They are needed for both my garden and for the local museum. I failed to keep anything all winter, so I'm hoping I can find viable ooths still for sale. :) Thanks!
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    I'm least some what

    Hey guys, long time no see. It's been a while for me, been very busy with school, and graduation. (graduated from HS a few weeks ago). At the moment, I am completely void of any arthropod. I no longer have any mantids, caterpillars, tarantulas, or the precious whip scorp, so sad. :( I'll...
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    Actius Luna

    KSTBCR, I edited your post so that it will be easier and clearer for me to answer. :) #1.) When I had moths, I had them in a 18" square, 24" tall mesh cage. #2.) Kinda sorta. I would recommend no smaller than the dimensions that I used. They will beat themselves up, no way around it...
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    Leptomantella lactea

    :blink: Just gorgeous. I'd love to give them a shot.
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    My prescription for fruit fly culture

    Never heard of culturing ff's in this manner. I'll have to try it out for fun. :)
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    ABbuggin - (US)

    Oh geeze. :rolleyes: Ok, here's my side of the story. This person did pay for some violins, but I didn't want to ship as L2, so I held on to them while waiting for them to shed. He was aware of this as I told him in the email. As it turned out, I had a major fruit fly issue, and was...
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    Empusa pennata

    Well, I just took a look at my breeding stock. I didn't count, but a few males and females are beginning to get inflated wing buds! :clap: Shouldn't be long before I get adult pairs. ^_^
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    Sibylla Pretiosa nymph (pre-sub i believe)

    Doesn't matter the angle, just one that clearly shows the segments. :D
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    Happy Birthday Zoe!

    Happy b-day. :)
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    Sibylla Pretiosa nymph (pre-sub i believe)

    Post some pics up of their abdomens. Would be more than happy to sex them for you. :D
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    cheapest butterfly nets? get mine from them. Absolutely love 'em and so do my empusidae. :D
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    A cool hobby of mine

    Aside from breeding mantids, photography, pinewood derby, R/C cars, and Royal Rangers (basically Boy Scouts) model rocketry is another hobby of mine. Lots of hobbies lol. :D I'm not super involved in it, but with the dawn of spring, I decided to get back into it for a bit. Here's a few...
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    Attempted House Break In!

    Lol, you could say my heartbeat raised during that occasion. Turns out there have been a lot of break ins very recently in the area. I didn't recognize any of the group, but the cops said they they probably lived in the adjacent neighborhood. They did catch one, and the cops were very...
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    Attempted House Break In!

    Thanks guys. :) You can bet I am sure glad its over. This wont scar me mentally, but I will be for sure much more aware of my surroundings from now on.
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    Attempted House Break In!

    Well I'm sure the fact that it was in progress with me home alone inside made it a high priority situation. I did think about self defense, when they started trying to break in, but up to that point I had good control over myself. When I heard them actually trying to enter, I really started to...
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    Attempted House Break In!

    Thanks guys. This happened right about at noon. It sure was a frightening experience, one I wish to never go through again. 3 of the people were about my height, but one was for sure much larger (taller/muscular) than me. Not sure what would of happened if they actually came inside the house...