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  1. alexusreese3


    if anyone knows where i can buy a stick bug in the us please let me know!!
  2. alexusreese3

    In need of Isopods

    does anyone know where I can get some isopods?
  3. alexusreese3

    Looking for Orchids!

    If anyone has any orchid mantids they are willing to sell i’m willing to pay!!!! ASAP
  4. alexusreese3

    mantisloverguy6000 (agent A, US)

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! 100% recommend. The seller has amazing prices and was super helpful and responded quickly. All of the mantids came in AMAZING health, they were so active. I want to place another order already 😂
  5. alexusreese3

    Yen Saw - (US)

    Just purchased beautiful spiny flower mantids, they arrived healthy and perfectly. They both moulted right after i put them in a bigger enclosure! Fast shipping and amazingly packaged. Definitely recommend!
  6. alexusreese3

    Looking for Oothecas

    If anyone has any available oothecas please let me know!
  7. alexusreese3

    Idolomantis diabolica

    For anyone who is interested in giant devils flower mantids i have some left! i am also willing to trade. I have a couple ghost mantids left as well.
  8. alexusreese3

    zilla micro habitat

    i buy them bulk from a local seller and i don’t have very many species.i only use them for my personal mantids and i only raise orchids, ghosts, asian flowers mantids, and spiny flower mantids. so i normally only have around 12-16 mantids at a time (babies not included. I normally keep babies in...
  9. alexusreese3

    zilla micro habitat

    i personally love them! there pretty amazing at keeping humidity suprisingly. i use the small and the large ones! My mantids have no problem shedding but i add a little mesh just to be safe!
  10. alexusreese3

    Phyllocrania paradoxa need homes L2-L4

    i currently have some Phyllocrania paradoxa available for anyone who’s searching! (mom:green dad:brown)
  11. alexusreese3

    Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii

    does anyone know where i can get Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii this time of year? (spiny flower mantis)
  12. alexusreese3

    Creobroter apicalis i3

    I’m very interested!
  13. alexusreese3

    Looking for Mantids!

    does anyone have any available mantids?? or nymphs?