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  1. GreenOasis

    Creo sexing

    P.S. I think they are both female, but better pics of that last segment would be extremely helpful.
  2. GreenOasis

    Creo sexing

    Honestly, it is going to be difficult for you to tell at that size unless, 1) you have others to compare to, and #b they are at least L3. There's no visual difference in the sexes until they are L3 (this doesn't apply to all species, but works for Creos). At that L3, I can grab my handy-dandy...
  3. GreenOasis

    Getting my first T

    Rose hairs, Curly hairs (Genic) & Chaco (Golden Knee) are supposed to be the three ideal starter species. I have all three, but only have a half-grown Curly hair & some small Chacos available for sale. I haven't put them on the site yet, but I suppose I ought to do that here soon if I...
  4. GreenOasis

    WTT/WTB: Adult male P. aeruginosa (Madagascan Marbled)

    I need an adult male P. aeruginosa or I will lose this species completely. If you have one, I can pay a fair price, offer future nymphs or an ooth, or trade for something I have in stock now on the website ( Most deals considered, so give me a holler! THANKS!
  5. GreenOasis

    First Mantis, any tips?

    Hello Cash, I actually looked you up when I saw I had a kit going to an office in Washington! I hope everything was satisfactory. I love H. membranaceas myself. I am breeding them again right now, matter of fact. Sorry for the delayed response! I haven't had much time to get on here, what...
  6. GreenOasis

    what if the express package was delayed and the mantis died??

    Oh, yeah. And Express is two-day to mostly RURAL locations. It actually says on the PO website that Express is "one-day to most locations", but they don't tell you whether your destination is a one-day location or two day when you create the just have to "know" from experience, and...
  7. GreenOasis

    what if the express package was delayed and the mantis died??

    Refunds are not as easy to get back from the PO as you might think, and the seller is usually just "out" the money either way. The way I package my nymphs, PO delays shouldn't be an issue (I take that into consideration when I pack!), should contact your seller & see if they will...
  8. GreenOasis

    Handimantis - Or what to do with a mismolt?

    I meant to post this ages ago, but have been so busy, I haven't even been on here! I would imagine that most newbies have, at one point or another, wondered what us "big breeders" do with mismolts? Do we "pop em in the freezer"? Do we feed them off to something? Do we try to salvage them in...
  9. GreenOasis

    ghost not eating

    Ghosts don't eat as much as most other species and it's typical for them to go for lengths of time between feedings (I've had my young ones even go to a fully FLAT abdomen before they would take another morsel of food). They usually only eat to fullness/plumpness just before they molt (because...
  10. GreenOasis

    T. graminis for sale

    I don't often get a chance to get online, so I am not on the forum nearly often enough to know if anyone has been looking for them! I have several T. graminis for sale, L3 & up. They are $15/ea, or I can maybe cut a group deal if you are buying more than one (just ask). They are NOT...
  11. GreenOasis

    WTT/WTB Adult or Sub Male TX Unicorn

    Well, I had thought I had held back enough this time around, but I guess not! I had also thought I kept them at the proper temperatures to "time" their molts to adulthood, but again, nature stumps me! So, I need an adult or subadult male Phyllovates chlorophaea in the worst way and I am...
  12. GreenOasis

    Why did my mantis attack a leaf and try to eat it?

    Spot on! Can't tell you how many times a night I get a chuckle out of a very alert mantis attacking a freshly-dropped fly pupae in their cup! Sometimes they even catch them midair as they bounce!
  13. GreenOasis

    Mantisplace Vs. Mantispets?

    LOL I don't know what y'all mean about a "cat fight". :cowboy: I didn't start any mud-slinging! All I've done is defend myself against presumptions...matter-of-factly, I might add. I personally see no reason to point out Rebecca's flaws, so I'm keeping to myself, except where relevant...
  14. GreenOasis

    ok what is it?

    Tomato/Tobacco hornworm. Pupates into a "hummingbird hawk moth". Very nice!
  15. GreenOasis

    Wheel Bugs Mounting!

    Ha, that is what I'm planning to find out! I hardly ever see them in my yard, until they are full-grown or nearly so.
  16. GreenOasis

    Mantisplace Vs. Mantispets?

    You know, I don't even know what "alphabet approach" you are talking about. That has nothing to do with Google rankings, to my knowledge. But, hey, whatever you like to think! ;) I chose Mantis Pets because I thought it best suited the nature of my business; selling mantises as pets! I...
  17. GreenOasis

    Wheel Bugs Mounting!

    Nathiel, that may be, but I am breeding these in captivity for the first time. B, I will probably do more trading with them than anything. They are really a neat species!
  18. GreenOasis

    Wheel Bugs Mounting!

    On my way to meet Bob Clark in OKC right now...bouncing around in the back of the van trying to type... but I just had to share! Last couple days I have seen a male on a female's back, but it wasn't till this morning that I saw that they'd made a "love connection". I'm stoked to think that I...
  19. GreenOasis

    Mantisplace Vs. Mantispets?

    Ha, I guess that's true! Sorry, Rebecca! :P
  20. GreenOasis

    Mantisplace Vs. Mantispets?

    it is a "trade" magazine, meaning its intended audience is those already in the trade of pets, so stores only get a copy or two for their staff & managers to peruse. They have a website, though, you may be able to view it online. ;)