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  1. SSimsswiSS

    Happy birthday!!

    Thank you.  
  2. SSimsswiSS

    What happened to Chloroharpax modesta

    I might have one ot these up my sheeve.
  3. SSimsswiSS


    Got some items in today from Thomas. Well packed items at a great price. Thank you!
  4. SSimsswiSS

    Arizona trip 2015

    Thanks for sharing. Very interest, I've stayed in Tubac a few times, which issn't very far from where you were at.
  5. SSimsswiSS


    Received some goods today. All arrived in great shape from the east all the way to the west. Great communication, and well packed.
  6. SSimsswiSS

    Budwing males.

    Have a few extra adult males. If anyone is in need for their female.
  7. SSimsswiSS

    Extra adult male orchids

    As is always the case, I have a few extra adult males at this time. Let me know if your adult female(s) are in need of a mate. US only.
  8. SSimsswiSS

    Bluebottle problems - dead pupae?

    Maybe the humidity @ 70% did them in. They need a dry place to pupae. Like dry wood shaving, or soil.
  9. SSimsswiSS

    SoCal Mantis

    Could also be Stagmomantis limbata. I've been finding them in my yard lately, down in south orange county. I fed a blue bottle fly and a cricket to one Sunday afternoon, in my backyard. So looks like their coming out of the dry hills, to find food. Cause this dude was hungry, eating one...
  10. SSimsswiSS

    Phyllocrania paradoxa (Ghost mantis)

    Nice pics.
  11. SSimsswiSS


    Received a species I haven't keep in over three year, thanks to Danny. Thank you for the wanderers.
  12. SSimsswiSS

    A few species

    Have the following nymphs available for US only: From Asia Deroplatys lobata - dead leaf mantis - L2's and 3's Deroplatys desiccata - sold out Rhombodera fusca - hooded mantis - L2's Creobroter pictipennis - Indian flower mantis - L2's all the way up to sub adults From Africa...
  13. SSimsswiSS

    Dead leaf mantis

    I have a extra newly laid ooth available at this time. D. lobata 40.00 shipped in a hatch cup. US only. Will post picture on my facebook page. Sold
  14. SSimsswiSS

    Who am I ?

    This is most likely Creobroter nebulosa. :shifty:
  15. SSimsswiSS

    Mistakes are a tradition these days

    Good to know. I never would of thought bean plant would be a insect trap. Aphids getting by, makes me wonder if ladybugs and their larve are able to move around. As well as ant species.
  16. SSimsswiSS


    Received a few more things from Vlodek yesterday. Add a few more like points to this members profile.
  17. SSimsswiSS


    Received some really good stuff in the mail yesterday. A+ two thumbs up.
  18. SSimsswiSS

    Fairy garden build

    Very cool. I wish I took some pictures of some of the mini greenhouses I've done over the years. I did a neat Haloween fairy garden graveyard with a group of 6 to 10 (popa spruca) adult twigs, all in the spooky mini trees.
  19. SSimsswiSS


    Received some nice stuff in the mail yesterday. Thank you once again for adding so much to the mantis community.
  20. SSimsswiSS


    Yes, a internal parasite bustin loose sounds likely, for the hole part.