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  1. ScreamingGun


    My order arrived today. Aryia is always helpful and answers all of my questions. I received an extra which was a wonderful surprise. THANK YOU AGAIN.
  2. ScreamingGun


    Received my nymphs today. She was very professional and communicated with me the whole time. Packaging was done very well. Very happy with my new mantises!
  3. ScreamingGun

    New to Mantids

  4. ScreamingGun

    Hello from SoCal

    Super psyched about all the SoCal people!
  5. ScreamingGun


    My nymph arrived (along with two extras) and I couldn't be happier! My boyfriend and I are happy!! :)
  6. ScreamingGun -

    Just received my large start kit and it was perfect. The box the deli cups came in were smooshed a little but did not effect the cups thanks to packing peanuts. The box my mantis came in was perfect. I was worried my mantis would be too hot but it was placed inside the enclosure along with...
  7. ScreamingGun

    Hailing from Southern CA

    Hi! I'm out in Ventura County! Just got into it right now. :)
  8. ScreamingGun

    Hello from SoCal

    Ah thank you so much! The only question right now is the shipping across states and such and the whole ownership of certain mantids. I've read some of the posts but it's still a grey area I guess. :(
  9. ScreamingGun


    Hi! I'm very much interested in a ghost or orchid.
  10. ScreamingGun

    Hello from SoCal

    For whatever reason I just had a sudden interest in Mantids. i just got my Chinese Mantis. :) I live in Ventura so I'm pretty close to L.A.