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  1. Jojomama

    For Sale Grass Mantid Nymphs hatched today!

    Please private message me if you are interested in some Grass praying mantid nymphs that just hatched today from a mantid pet.. (Logan area QLD Australia) the oothica was removed almost immediately to keep in separate tank. Have a couple of hundred :) thanks Jo
  2. Jojomama

    He's Here!!!

    Very very cool hun!
  3. Jojomama

    Where to buy wingless fruit flies QLD

    Thank you! Can you please let me know your online site? Sorry new to this :)
  4. Jojomama

    Where to buy wingless fruit flies QLD

    Hi everyone I’m hoping this is the correct place to post this question but can anyone please advise where I can buy in store or online wingless fruit flies? I’m local to Brisbane area QLD Australia. I have been looking online but I keep coming across places in different states that are out of...
  5. Jojomama


    Ooh exciting hun! Fingers crossed you can sneak a mantid in!
  6. Jojomama

    Tsunani's Mantids

    Omg your girl and new ones are soooo pretty 🤩
  7. Jojomama

    Enclosure Progress!

    I’ve found it fun too the actual setting up part haha thought I was the only one! I told me daughter they could do a “pimp my mantids home” show and us mantid fans would watch it for tips haha
  8. Jojomama

    Another oothica!

    Thank you so much for helping identifying my girl! Wow another 30 odd days to go hey I’m not bothering overwintering them as it’s quite hot here anyway and I figure in the wild they would naturally hatch sometime soon as it’s summer here. I’m very excited and will post when they (hopefully both...
  9. Jojomama

    Another oothica!

    Yes she’s an Aussie large brown mantid and we ccouldnt get over how big she was then after laying each oothica her belly goes down so much. She seems quite happy the only reason I actually kept her was because my daughter found her on her car wheel and it was lucky she didn’t just drive and...
  10. Jojomama

    Another oothica!

    Hi fellow mantid enthusiasts! My brown large mantid laid another oothica… just wondering if anyone thinks they could be fertilised as I only found this girl a week before she laid her first oothica? Thank you :)
  11. Jojomama

    Hello from Daisy Hill, QLD Australia!

    My name is Jo and have become suddenly obsessed with mantids over the past few months. Unsure how this really happened haha but I’ve been catching green garden mantids and grass mantids from my own yard! From what I can tell online I’m quite lucky to find them in my own garden. Georgie is my...