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  1. Ocelotbren


    Bought four orchid nymphs and he shipped the same day! Responsive and quick to provide tracking information. They were very well packed with a heat pack, plenty of filler, and structure to keep them secure. 👍
  2. Ocelotbren

    hcarlton's Mantid Photos

    I had two male ghosts and one lived 2 months as adult and the other...5.5 months. Caught me off guard! They usually ate at least part of a blue bottle fly every couple days. They were adult during the winter here so the lower temperatures in the house could have contributed to their longevity.
  3. Ocelotbren

    hcarlton's Mantid Photos

    Hah good call then. I guess you'll just have to try a variety of laying surfaces in the enclosure...
  4. Ocelotbren

    hcarlton's Mantid Photos

    I don't have any previous experience with Europeans, but I have four wild-caught ones as of just recently and I bred them. The first female of the two laid her first egg case (with me) a couple days ago, which was a couple days after mating, when she was already quite big. I have a mix of fake...
  5. Ocelotbren

    Sarah K (PanTerra Pets)

    Received an order of blue bottle pupae today and she obviously read my note on the order. I was a bit desperate for flies due to some unforeseen circumstances so I asked her not to include a cold pack so that the flies could possibly hatch in transit, or be close to hatching when they arrived...
  6. Ocelotbren

    Hi from Houston! ?

    Welcome back, I'm sure your granddaughter will have fun!
  7. Ocelotbren

    Hi from WA

    Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you've got experience with many species. Great to have you!
  8. Ocelotbren

    hcarlton's Mantid Photos

    Great pictures of all the babies!
  9. Ocelotbren

    Mantids on vacation

    Nice pictures, looks like a fun trip for everyone!
  10. Ocelotbren


    Yeah they've been curious and adventurous for me. Have fun with them!
  11. Ocelotbren


    Welcome to the forum! Fruit flies can be a pain but it gets easier to manage them with practice.
  12. Ocelotbren

    hcarlton's Mantid Photos

    That's too bad about the die off. Best of luck with the remaining nymphs though, and also with that H. orientalis mating!
  13. Ocelotbren


    @Synapze Yay, that's exciting! My nymphs have been super cute and entertaining. I'm really enjoying them!
  14. Ocelotbren

    New hobbyist

    Welcome and good luck! As long as you follow the basic principles in the post Aristalochia mentioned, you can get pretty creative with the enclosure design, which is fun.
  15. Ocelotbren

    Galaxy, Yulee, Liza.. You were loved.

    Nice pictures, love that shade of green.
  16. Ocelotbren


    Welcome to the forum! If you're unsure about sexing your mantis, you can always post a picture of the underside of its abdomen in the general section of the forums for others' opinions.
  17. Ocelotbren

    Hello! Excited to join!

    Welcome to the forum, Spencer! Let us know what species you end up getting. :)
  18. Ocelotbren

    Greetings from Indiana!

    Welcome to the forum, and good luck on your goals!
  19. Ocelotbren

    Hello from Houston!!

    Welcome to the forum, enjoy picking out your first mantis! :)
  20. Ocelotbren

    Hello from Louisville, KY

    Great to hear that your daughter is so interested. I'm sure she'll love her birthday gift!