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    I ordered two oothecae from Tom the package came in fine the packaging great. One ootheca hatched a single nymph the other two nymphs hatching but seeming to have died during. Though these things just happen Tom replied offering to compensate for the ootheca which I am very grateful for. I will...
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    Lets hear the music behind the username
  3. bassist

    Top 5 bands?

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    Try Opera if you have issues with firefox.
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    Sports that you play or have played

    Did archery in middle school recently got into the art and sometimes called sport of knife throwing.
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    According to the thread title I believe she is saying they are Camelomantis sp.
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  8. bassist

    Orchid Dieing !

    You don't need filtered water, unless you have problems like Rick had with his water (I believe it was the water if I remember right.)
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    what mantis is this..

    That page was a nightmare to load so here's the direct link.
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    What is Angel's gender?

    Looks more like a Hierodula to me but I could be wrong.
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    Chocolate Bundt Cake

    These type of posts are not what a troll does also:
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    What's your favourite band? (music)

    Just about everyone out there.
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    What praying mantises don't fight or eat eachother?

    The ones in different enclosures.
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    for those who like andy mckee

    Very good.
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    Favorite singer or band?

    A lot. Mostly been listening to Globus lately though.
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    A New Discovery

    I've seen a fifth instar Hierodula membranacea do a threat display to a Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii second instar so it's really not surprising.
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    Lady Gaga? Pop music?

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    Yen Saw - (US)

    Few days late but recieved a Brunneria borealis ootheca from Yen two days ago won it in the Guess the weight contest really great of Yen to be doing a contest hope you do more in the future. Thanks, Tommy