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    WTB african twig mantis male adult

    Looking to purchase an adult or sub adult male african twig mantis. PM if interested. Also willing to do breeding arrangements with my female 
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    Deroplatys Dessicata Nymphs for sale -

    I have a limited amount of Dessicata nymphs for sale. They are just beginning to molt to L2 and will be ready to shipped out next week. Prices are as follows -3 nymphs for 15$ each -6 nymphs for 13$ each -9 or more nymphs for 11$ each note- three mantis is the minimum quantity for an order...
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    African Dwarf Frog

    It looks like it was soaked in food coloring/dye in order to make it look more appealing to customers.
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    Adult Female Creobroter Pictipennis for sale

    Have a ready to breed female available for sale/trade or loan. PM if interested. USA only.
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    Adult male orchid available

    He is no longer available.
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    L4 ghost mantis for sale Phyllocrania Paradoxica

    I have L4 ghosts available. Males and females available. 5$ each. SHipping within USA only. Minimum order of 3 ghosts. Send a PM if interested. Priority mail runs about 7-9 dollars. Express mail runs 20-35 depending on location. LAG on express only.
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    Adult Female Rhombodera Stalli available

    Have an adult female ready to breed. PM me if you have a male you would like to send my way, or would like the female to be sent your way. Can sell outright, or arrange an ooth deal.
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    warning about Turkish Roaches (Blatta Lateralis)

    They breed extremely fast compared to other species, so I guess that is why they appeal to some people. It would lower the costs of their feeders significantly compared to buying crickets every week. THey were always too fast for me then I had liked. And I guess many people care more about...
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    warning about Turkish Roaches (Blatta Lateralis)

    I've kept this roach species before and IMO they should not be kept as a feeder, as they are more likely to become pests. I have a good roach species that will suit your needs MUCH better, and i'm local to you. PM me and I will work something out with you.
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    Praying Mantis Documentary

    A large amount of that footage looks to be staged. Some of the older documentaries feature prey items that are not native to the country where the mantis species depicted lives. In some old documentaries I saw the common cricket species that could be bought at any reptile store or petco being...
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    Beware of "caresheets"

    Is it the part about not feeding the males for several weeks if kept cool, and that puking is okay? (I barely skimmed over the orchid caresheet)
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    White Eyed Devil

    Watching that is so strange... one could argue that it is cannibalism happening.
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    What I bought at REPTICON

    I have kept 4 of these not too long ago. They need to be kept warm as well. They seemed to be pretty shy and some enjoy swimming as well..
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    Giant moth! ID please...

    Looks like it would make a good feeder...
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    Culturing Crane Flies?

    I believe the larvae take 1-2 years to mature if I read correctly, so it would take a lot of patience to culture them if that were the case...
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    Wingless Boxers L1

    How come this member is banned only after 7 posts?
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    Strange Rhombodera coloration

    We'll see what happens with this one.
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    Strange Rhombodera coloration

    Darn, I thought I had something rare..
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    Strange Rhombodera coloration

    I've seen some variations of color in Rhombodera Sp. before, but never like this. Looks solid orange in some places. I guess this is the Color ChrisP mentioned some time ago that he had... These are the best quality photos I can get with a phone though.