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  1. massaman

    ooths i can over winter

    looking for orthodera mantis ooths or ooths that i can over winter till the spring and willing to buy more then one if offered in multiples or what not.Can pay up front if possible.
  2. massaman


    Just wondering if anyone have any chinese mantis ooths for sale per chance? and can i buy up to 6 or more at a fair price
  3. massaman

    looking for mantis ooths

    I am looking for mantis ooths which are fertile from exotic or non exotic species and willing to pay for them but will not pay with paypal or gift cards but i am able to pay for any and all ooths offered to me from breeders in the us only if possible.
  4. massaman

    anyone happen to have

    anyone have any nigerian flower mantis,othodera species or the yellow orchid mantis species and do have a interest in any australian species if raised in the states
  5. massaman

    looking for sub adult pair species

    anyone selling sub adult species in pairs if possible and within the 50-75 dollar range or selling ooths looking mostly in the us if anyone has anything thats available
  6. massaman

    Does anyone have any cheap fertile ooths for sale?

    Does anyone have any cheap fertile ooths or sub adult species for sale in the US?
  7. massaman

    ooths any species

    wanted to buy any species of  mantis ooth from within the us if possible and can pay with cash or checks if applicable
  8. massaman

    looking for mantis ooths

    I am looking for any species of mantis ooths if it is fertile and if the price is reasonable and looking within the United States if at all possible.
  9. massaman


  10. massaman

    wanted one or two Rhombodera extensicollis females

    looking for a female or two Rhombodera extensicollis for my male if anyone has any available and can pay in cash or checks.
  11. massaman

    Looking for any kenyan flower mantis or other kinds or ooths

    looking for kenyan flower mantis or any ooths of any species and can pay with checks if applicaple
  12. massaman

    looking to buy yellow orchids or other species

    Parymenopus davisoni or orthodera species or any african or other species available and can pay with checks if available and what not.
  13. massaman

    rhombodera mantis wanted

    looking for one or two female rhombodera adults or sub adults for my males to breed if anyone has any for sale and will accept checks as payment then please dont hesitate to let me know how much and that includes shipping.
  14. massaman

    looking for mating pairs or ooths

    Anyone selling any ooths or mantis pairs for mating?
  15. massaman

    Chinese Mantis for sale

    For sale a chinese mantis female for around $12 dollars and can accept checks or cash if applicable and also looking for ooths or mantis pairs if available as well!
  16. massaman

    looking for some mantids

    looking for some mantids or ooths and just wanting something priced reasonable and all and must accept checks as i pay with those and no paypal whatsoever!
  17. massaman

    peat stone

    has anyone every used just peat stone in their mantis enclosures or tanks?
  18. massaman


    just wondered how many of you get sinusitus and have it ever been attributed to the hobby or things related to this?
  19. massaman

    Taumantis sigiana

    anyone have any sub or adult Taumantis sigiana males
  20. massaman

    2 species of mantis found in amber