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  1. aesculpius

    3D printed Mantis Models

    New portrait with new lighting method and new camera
  2. Chinese Mantis

    Chinese Mantis

    portrait of Tenodera sinensis
  3. aesculpius

    3D printed Mantis Models

    I've started working a lot more in resin.  The photogrammetry/3D printing process has really started to shine.
  4. 20180215-_MG_4730.jpg


    a young chinese mantis partially submerged in black resin
  5. 20180215-_MG_4730.jpg


    a chinese mantis mounted in resin, fractured
  6. 20180215-_MG_4730.jpg


    mantis arms mounted in resin, shattered
  7. 20180215-_MG_4730.jpg


    a photogrammetry based model of a sheild mantis
  8. aesculpius


    I use a canon 5Ds with either a MP-e 65mm or 100 f2.8 L macro.   I use alien bees for lighting.  I have some tripods and focusing rails obviously.  I also have tubes, bellow, etc but they're just not that useful with this lens set up.  They are a cheap way to get macro though. I would suggest a...
  9. aesculpius

    Chinese Mantis FS

    I have too many of these right now.  5 mantis for 10$ and a dollar for each after +shipping 
  10. aesculpius

    3D printed Mantis Models

    more mounted specimens
  11. 20180112-_MG_4470.jpg

  12. 20180112-_MG_4466.jpg

  13. 20171130-_MG_2069.jpg

  14. 20171130-_MG_2067.jpg


  15. 20171130-_MG_2064.jpg


  16. 20171129-_MG_2059.jpg

  17. aesculpius


    I asked for and he sent a dead mantis for some photogrammetry work.  The dead bro was well packaged, arrived intact, and in a timely fashion.  No complaints whatsoever.
  18. aesculpius

    LF dead specimens

    Hello!  I'm looking for dead specimens.  They do not need to be perfect shape, missing legs and antennae are fine.  I need the face, and shoulders to be in relatively good shape, the rest doesn't matter.  I am making 3D scans and prints of them. I am not looking for: Indian Flower Mantis, Ghost...
  19. 092917_0298.jpg