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  1. itzjustjeff

    Male Mantis Mating Rituals

    So funny! I love picking up small details like that
  2. itzjustjeff

    Male Mantis Mating Rituals

    I just noticed this after all these years, but the male mantis crossed his antennae into a loop and would occasionally tap the back of the female mantis in quick succession. Has anyone seen this before?
  3. itzjustjeff

    Selling L3-L4 Stagmomantis Limbata

    I’ve got 50+ California mantises for sale which I believe to be Stagmomantis limbata - they were hatched from an oothecae around December. I found them out in a neighbors garden. Local pickup preferred in Los Angeles.
  4. itzjustjeff

    Ghost mantis ootheca

  5. itzjustjeff

    RAOK - free fruit fly starter

    I have some excelsior and a 3lb bag of Josh’s frog fruit fly starter for whoever would like it. Local contactless pickup only!
  6. itzjustjeff

    Free! (Claimed)

    Two adult female phyllocrania paradoxa and one male + ooths. Local pickup only CA 90025
  7. itzjustjeff

    Paypal problem

    hey is your inbox full? cant seem to PM you
  8. itzjustjeff

    Creobroter Pictipennis for sale

    I have a few more Creos for sale (a group at L1 and a group at L4-5). I'll be selling them for $3 each. Email me or Pm me for more details
  9. itzjustjeff

    Mantis Abdomen Pulsating

    they also breathe through holes on their abdomen. If it's constant maybe that's what you're seeing
  10. itzjustjeff

    Exo-Terra terrarium 8x8x12 for sale

    This includes the hood, the lightbulbs, the heat pad in the back, the substrate inside, the live plants, and the manzanita wood that the plants are attached too. There are also two brunneria borealis ooths in there. So far only one brunneria has come out of 1 of the ooths. They will be included...
  11. itzjustjeff

    My Cultivation Station

    The shield was sub-adult when I traded her! I'm actually selling the enclosure now but I dont have a camera on me :( my girlfriend stole it for her trip
  12. itzjustjeff

    Talk about neglect

    Yea that's the one. I think the driver who initially hit the girl eventually confessed and stepped forth but only to offer monetary relief from medical expenses. He didn't apologize and nothing seemed to bother him. It's such a terrifying video to come across but I guess it's good that it's...
  13. itzjustjeff

    Talk about neglect

    You should see the video of two year old girl caught on security footage in china..heart wrenching
  14. itzjustjeff

    Creobroter Pictipennis for sale

    I'd prefer local buyers but I'd be willing to ship as well. LOA guarantee on Express shipping only! Shipping will be $8 for priority. I have nymphs ranging from L1-L3. $2 ea or email/pm me for bulk deals
  15. itzjustjeff

    I lost my male Ghost mantis :(

    guess it's time to clean your room from top the bottom! A Clean room with no ghosts walking about... is a win win! Maybe start under the bed..
  16. itzjustjeff

    Too Hot for Creos?

    me too :) 7-9 weeks though! I'm having trouble with one of my males though. He seems to completely ignore the female as if there were something over the horizon. He gets uncomfortably close to her raptorials. Would it be possible to have one of my older males continue mating with my females...
  17. itzjustjeff

    Too Hot for Creos?

    I noticed you mentioned that you didn't do much with the ooths after they were laid. Does that mean they do not have to go through diapause?
  18. itzjustjeff

    My Cultivation Station

    Doing the deed, Dubia dinner.
  19. itzjustjeff

    Greetings from LA, everybody!

    Welcome from Northridge!
  20. itzjustjeff

    Why does cricket use get a bad rap.

    Do crickets generally smell worse than cockroaches too? It's hard to find a supplier of bb flies near the west coast. I'm wary of having them shipped from the east coast, especially now with the warmer weather. I agree that variety is best..but say we dust our feeders, would that make up for...