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  1. Mime454

    WTB: Chinese Oothecae or Young Nymphs

    My lab is doing a research project on evolved preferences. We need a constant supply of mantids that are small enough to eat fruit flies that don't require a permit. IF anyone has some soon-to-hatch Chinese mantis oothecae or a large amount of L1-L3 nymphs they want to sell, please let to know. 
  2. Mime454

    Subadult male orchid mantis

    I have a subadult, close to molting, male orchid mantis. Looking to get him to bred.  Ideally, you'd pay to ship him to you, then send me about 20 L2 nymphs if you successfully breed him. I'd pay for shipping on those   Pet me if you're interested. 
  3. Mime454


    Received a Brunner's mantis from this seller on Friday. She was alive and well. No complaints. 
  4. Mime454


    Ordered a few orchid mantids from this seller at a very fair price. Communication was great and they all arrived happy and alive, so I'm happy with the transaction. :)
  5. Mime454

    Bugs/Mantis collecting trip

    That last toxodera mantis on the stick is crazy. 
  6. Mime454

    Bugs/Mantis collecting trip

    Is the creobroter (or maybe theoprobus) with the smile on its back already in the hobby? It's adorable. I need one. 
  7. Mime454

    Drosophila virilis

    The flightless mutants only vary from wildtype by a single gene, and that gene is recessive, so if you have a population of flightless flies the flying variant won't come back without a new mutation.
  8. Mime454

    Drosophila virilis

    I'm not totally sure if they're this exact species, but the ones I'm finding are about 1.75x the size of Hydei. Still smaller than house flies by a good amount.
  9. Mime454

    Drosophila virilis

    I work in a fruit fly lab and there are some of these wild in there. I've caught some and they seem to be easy to culture. The larvae are huge.
  10. Mime454

    New site

    Wish you could sort the site by which mantids are in stock.
  11. Mime454

    Can male mantids penetrate AFTER getting their head eaten if they're still on her back?

    They can penetrate after the head has been removed. One dirty trick to get males to mate is to cut the head off yourself and put the male on her back. I don't do this but I've seen video of it.
  12. Mime454

    Hello from Missouri

    I'm from Missouri too. Where are you? I live in St. Louis. If only 40 hatched, it was probably carolina mantids. Chinese usually hatch a lot more.
  13. Mime454

    Decimiana bolivari nymphs, L1

  14. Mime454

    FS: 2 subadult female orchids

    $40 each or 75$ for both. $10 for priority shipping. Will calculate express. Live arrival guarantee for express shipping only.
  15. Mime454

    dragon flies as feeders?

    I do, but they don't seem to have much nutritional value. Not sure why, but my mantids don't stay fat after eating them for very long.
  16. Mime454

    Decimiana bolivari

    Nice photos
  17. Mime454

    Needed: Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii adult male

    Have a nice female that I'm looking to mate. Will buy outright or send you 1/2 the ooths. Let me know if you can help.
  18. Mime454

    Needed: Adult Male Wahlberghii

    I have a very fat female who needs to mate soon. Would prefer to buy a male outright, but I can trade for some of the ooths as well.
  19. Mime454


    Got a well priced orchid nymph from Joe and she arrived in good heal. Would buy from again.