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    ISO ooths

    Hello i would like to get an ooth of a unique and easy all around type of mantis. I love ghost mantises but i‘m currently trying to breed some myself.
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    How i pack my parcel

    My question is how do you get a label what’s that process.
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    Ooth incubation?

    A. Theompopa Servelli B. my room temp is around 72 room humidity around 35% C.and D. It’s an ooth
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    Ooth incubation?

    And I also have a humidity and temperature gauge in the container. So with the species they like it high humid and higher temperatures
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    Ooth incubation?

    Yeah I have that I have timer led lights and I just turn them on when I wake up and go to bed.
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    Ooth incubation?

    So what if it does emit some light
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    Ooth incubation?

    I would like to set up a place where I can incubate my ooths are there any ideas on how to set up an incubation chamber? I've never really found anything that talks about this. I'm thinking of using one of those 80oz flip top containers from superior supplies and hooking up a heat lamp suspended...
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    Idolo mantis enclosure

    Is this a good enough enclosure for three idolo mantis nymphs they keep running into each other and throwing up their mantis gang signs. There’s also a ton of fruit flies in here with them.
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    ISO male lobata

    Please message me if there are any available male lobatas please thank you.
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    Gongys wanted

    Hi I would love a small group of gongys the violin mantis species. It has been one of my favorite species.
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    Ooths in mesh cages?

    What does your ooth incubation setup look like ?
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    Help with Theopompa servillei

    Hi, i'm recently receiving an ooth of the mantis species Theopompa servillei. I would like tips to help me with the care of this species, please.
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    Hello from California

    Hi I've been keeping mantises for a while now I'm interested in any violin mantises or bulk anything or ooths.
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    Housing Gongylus Gongylodus

    What type of exo terra is that?