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    (Europe) Sale - Ghost Ootheca

    Hello all! I'm based in Paris, FR, and my female ghost mantis has laid about 10 ootheca. 3 have not hatched yet so I'd like to sell them to a good home. :) Price: 5eur + shipping per ooth Photo is of the 3 remaining ooths
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    Ooth on top of another ooth

    So my ghost mantis laid her 7th ooth right on top of her 6th ooth. All the others have been fertile, so I'm wondering if there's a way to help the buried ooth. Anything I can do? Photo attached. 
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    Orchid mantis sick after eating soldier fly?

    Update. The orchid mantis seemed to recover after a day - climbing back up on a leaf and hanging out. However, the next time she ate a fly, it was obvious something was wrong. It appears that the digestive track was blocked and she died :-(. Perhaps it's related to eating the black soldier fly...
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    Orchid mantis sick after eating soldier fly?

    😞 What was your mortality rate?  I'm crossing my fingers for my orchid...
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    Orchid mantis sick after eating soldier fly?

    I recently bought black soldier flies from the reptile store I usually buy flies from. I fed them to my orchid and two ghost mantids. The ghosts only ate part of the flies, and left part of the abdomen uneaten. The orchid ate everything, then fell twitching to the floor almost immediately. A...
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    Ghost mantis bred - now what?

    Thanks, I'll set up a countdown!
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    Ghost mantis bred - now what?

    My two ghost mantids got it on successfully this last Sunday. I was expecting to have to wait a week or so before an ootheca was laid. After only two days, my little girl laid her first egg (yesterday/Tuesday). Now I've got a couple questions Since the egg was laid so quickly after mating...
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    Where to buy Blue bottle pupae in EU?

    Thanks! I didn't know of that website.
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    Where to buy Blue bottle pupae in EU?

    Hi all, I've got three mantises: two sub adult ghost (M & F), and one female orchid L4/5.  My local reptile hobby shop in Paris ( sells a variety of feeder insects, but not quite the right size for my mantids. They have small curly wing flies which are now too...
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    Lowest acceptable temperatures?

    Any tips on how to keep heat up at night?
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    Lowest acceptable temperatures?

    Yes it does, thanks!  If I get an orchid I'll set up a heat mat to keep the temperature up at night. 
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    Lowest acceptable temperatures?

    I'm confused about the temperature recommendations for different mantis species. I know that lower temperatures will extend an insect's lifespan (lower metabolism), but temperatures too low will kill them. For a praying mantis, what is this threshold? If you have an apartment that is a bit...
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    Entomology books/resources online?

    Hi all, I've been getting really into mantises again (I loved them as a kid), and I'm really interested to know as much about the science as possible. I've been asking myself questions like: what's the oldest (in terms of evolution) mantis species? The youngest? How does molting work? How do...
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    Hello all! I thought I'd introduce myself, even though I already started asking some questions on the forum. I'm Andrew, formerly from California but now expatriated to France a decade ago. I grew praying mantises I found in my backyard when I was 10, and I've always been fascinated by praying...
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    Are these plants OK with a mantis?

    Hello all! I read that some plants might be toxic to mantises, so I wanted to double check before putting them in the enclosure with my new ghost mantis. These are commonly used in terrariums (photo attached), but I don't actually know the names of the plants... Can someone confirm if they're...