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  1. Small Pet Feeders

    Forked Tree Ranch

    I hate to ever speak badly of another company, as its usually in my opinion that it is very unprofessional to do so, but honestly after reading OGIGA's reply to this, I had to say something. I had a very similar experience with Forked Tree that could have been easily solved by Pam, but she...
  2. Small Pet Feeders

    Superworms: good or bad?

    You know, I'd actually try Buffalo Worms, if you can order them in. They are awesome cleanup crews, and really mine are prolific in my roach and invert bins, and they eat up all the decaying matter while also giving me a super small mealworm. Buffalo worms are also called Lesser Mealworms...
  3. Small Pet Feeders

    FS: Numerous Mantis Feeders! Springtails, Isopods, Lesser Waxworms, Bean/Grain Beetles, Roaches, Firebrats, Reptiworms

    Mantis Food for Sale! Hello MantidForum! We have a huge variety of small feeder insects for mantis, spiders, and other invertebrates, along with larger feeders for your reptiles, amphibians, and other exotics should you have them. This month we are celebrating completing our second year of...
  4. Small Pet Feeders

    WTB: Lots of Carolina, European, or Chinese Wild-Collected Ooths

    Hello everyone, I'd really like to get a bulk amount of Carolina, European, or Chinese Mantis Ooths collected from your local area. If you have any, please send me an email with what you have, how many, and when/where they were collected, as well as how they are being stored (which should be...
  5. Small Pet Feeders

    Madagascar Hisser Starter Colony for Sale

    New from Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches Gromphadorhina portentosa They are one of few roaches without wings. They are great climbers and can easily climb plastic or glass, so you'll need to use a barrier of Vaseline or roach barrier to keep them contained well. Usually...
  6. Small Pet Feeders

    Live Moss by the Bag! *Green Tree Shag & Mood Moss*

    Bring some life to your Mantis, Gecko,or Frog's Habitat Live Moss grows well in the humid environment of Terrariums, Vivariums, and Palladiums, and does best in partial light/shade. Live Green Tree Shag Moss makes a great hanging moss that is perfect for dense canopies or to hang from...
  7. Small Pet Feeders

    Feeder Caterpillars! New 20ct Small-Medium Hornworm Pods Avaiable! 50ct Silkworm Pods Also Available!

    Small Pet Feeders America's Online Insect Marketplace and Feeder Source Introduces The New 20ct Hornworm Pod Also Known as Goliath Worms! These monsters grow to an amazing 4 inches long, and as big round as your ring finger! These guys arrive to you Small or Medium, and have plenty of...
  8. Small Pet Feeders

    Repashy Products on Sale *Save 25% or more* (USPS Shipping Now Available)

    Hello MantidForum :cowboy: Have you ever wanted to try one of the many Repashy products, and the price at the time was just too much for you to try a product? Well now is your chance to get your choice of a FULLY STOCKED Repashy selection that has been placed on Sale or Clearance with your...
  9. Small Pet Feeders

    WTB: Fresh Native Mantis Ooths from this season (Chinese, Carolina, or European)

    Hello everyone, We're looking for a helpful individual (or several individuals) to harvest some wild mantis ooths in your surrounding area (in pesticide free areas). If you are unfamiliar with these ooths, this is a picture of each type... European Mantis and Ooth Carolina Mantis and...
  10. Small Pet Feeders

    Buying all Native species Mantis (European, Carolina, Chinese)

    Looking to make some quick cash? Do you go on regular hikes and outdoor excursions where you see native mantis ooths hanging on the branches? If you spot them, clip the branch about 1" above the ooth, put them in a ziplock and place them inside your refrigertor as you contact me at...
  11. Small Pet Feeders

    Best deals on Hornworms!

    Greetings Mantidforumers! The Baddest Bug Boys in town are back with an awesome offer! We'll give you a generous $2 off your Hornworm Pod if you buy one Silkworm Pod with it! Your Mantids will surely enjoy these succulent goodies! Again, Buy a Silkworm Pod, get a Hornworm pod for only...
  12. Small Pet Feeders

    For Sale: Mini to Giant Mealworms only @ SMALLPETFEEDERS

  13. Small Pet Feeders

    Everybody Loves WORMS!

    Hello MT Friends! Your No. 1 Bug Dealer SMALL PET FEEDERS just got fresh shipments of these succulent goodies! HORNWORMS FOR SALE - Medium/Large Hornworms 15ct/Pod for ONLY $11.99! Excellent High-Quality hornworms without the intense Maintenance! SILKWORMS FOR SALE - Up to 50...
  14. Small Pet Feeders

    Mushroom Inoculation Kits at SMALL PET FEEDERS

    HOWDY MANTIDFORUMERS! Are you ready for this huge array of pure Mushroom Awesomeness? Well, you better be because SMALL PET FEEDERS is presenting its NEW Log & Stump Cultivation Kits! 1. Shiitake Mushrooms on a Log/Stump Kit - The most popular edible mushroom in Japan! 2. Maitake...
  15. Small Pet Feeders

    Introducing - SMALL PET FEEDERS

    Greetings Everyone! I'm Mike from the SMALL PET FEEDERS team! We are happy to be part of this awesome Forums! Thanks!
  16. Small Pet Feeders

    Half Off Bean Beetle Cultures (Voucher Code Inside!) (Several Feeders for Mantis!)

    Bean Beetle Cultures HALF OFF (normal price of $7.99/culture) (Voucher Code must be entered at Checkout) With the Purchase of either: 6 oz Mixed Species Springtails Culture 150 Small Phoenix Worms 100 Medium Phoenix Worms Any Amount of House Fly Pupae All of these and more are shipped...
  17. Small Pet Feeders

    Top Quality Teal Hornworms from a source you can trust: Buy 5 Pods, Get the 6th Free!

    Hello Mantid Forums! It's Dave from Small Pet Feeders again with another fantastic feeder insect for your mantids and other exotic pets. To explain a bit of what we do, we buy our insects from all the top farms in the country, sparing no expense to bring you the best quality insects on the...
  18. Small Pet Feeders

    Phoenix Worms: A Healthy Self-Feeding Feeder Worm/Larvae *High in Calcium* Perfect for all Pets!

    Phoenix Worms (AKA Black Soldier Fly Larva) The larvae of Hermetia illucens, commonly known as the Black Soldier Fly, Phoenix Worms have been fed to many thousands of animals by breeders and hobbyists over the past ten years. Recommended by veterinarians, genuine Phoenix Worms are the only...
  19. Small Pet Feeders

    Uncommon and Rare Feeder Insects! Lesser Wax Worm Cultures, Lesser Mealworms, Phoenix Worms, and More!

    Hello everybody, Have you ever been shopping for your monthly feeders at different sites and wished there was a company that would deal in all insects, other feeders, and the supplies to go with them? Small Pet Feeders has answered your calls. We do our best to keep our stocks highly diverse...
  20. Small Pet Feeders

    Never need Mantis food again! *Prolific Cultures*

    Are you tired of having to rush for Mantis food when your fruit fly cultures expire? Do you want to have frog food readily available when YOU need it? We have two primary choices for the Mantis community. You can try our Confused Flour Beetle cultures, cultured in SPF's Small Beetle media...