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  1. Psychobunny


    I have only 4 unsexed, beautiful specimens from Yen's March 17th hatch. They are feeding gleefully on BB's and cricks. Selling for $20.00 each plus $7.00 Priority USPS. First come, first serv basis. USA SHIPPING ONLY I am not certain of their instar, but they are very nice, about 1/2''...
  2. Psychobunny

    New Leopard Gecko

    I got mine on the 25th, when did you get yours? Still had a Zoo Med Repti Shelter (small) for his moist hide (with a little damp moss) and he loves it so much he doent want to come out!! I slowly put my hand into the cage and let him smell and lick it, then slowly go away (I dont mean hand...
  3. Psychobunny

    your favorite mantises

    I love your pic :) Great angle, and love the blurry edges. P.S. Oh wait!! I need to be on topic!! My fav is cilnia humeralis. I love their body shape, nice big bright green head with expresive eyes ;)
  4. Psychobunny

    Crazy Monday

    I usually wait 2 or 3 days also, then start dumping ff's in there for them.
  5. Psychobunny

    Sphodromantis throwing up a lot..

    +1 No solid food for a few days. Water only!
  6. Psychobunny

    Hello Fellow Buggies

    Welcome to the forum Callum :) Hope U enjoy your stay.
  7. Psychobunny

    New Leopard Gecko

    Dont feed it by hand unless U want to train it to think your finger is a fat, tasty mealworm!! ;)
  8. Psychobunny


    For sale, one Spodromantis lineola ooth, $15.00 plus $7.00 for Priority USPS (add $1.00 for heat pack). SOLD!!
  9. Psychobunny

    New Leopard Gecko

    Carey, I sent U a email. I want to try some of your gecko grit home mix ;) After reading these posts, and those cute pics, I decided to get another little one!! I ordered one from my old friends at VMS Reptiles and should have him (incubated male!!) next Wednesday. It's a baby Bell Hybino...
  10. Psychobunny

    New Leopard Gecko

    The juvies take some time to get used to their new home as they get stressed very easy. It's best to cover the front of the terrarium for a few days so he doesnt freak out when he sees movement. It's normal for the little ones to take a few weeks before they eat. It's best to just leave them...
  11. Psychobunny

    Wahlbergii color shift

    Did U get your from Tammy? Mine are showing the same colors and they look like the same instar. You must have got yours about the same time as I did!? A few of mine are sporting some serous spikes on them!!
  12. Psychobunny

    Few mantis questions

    How about cilnia humeralis? (did I spell that right??) Oh, and you dont have any spodromantids on your list (lineola, viridis, blue flash, etc.)
  13. Psychobunny

    New Leopard Gecko

    I used to keep these years ago. They are such neat pets. They are like no other reptile! Yeah, I also recommend paper towels. Also, dont forget they need a warm, moist hidding place.
  14. Psychobunny

    Idolomantis Consolidated

    I do the same, I spray them directly (they dont seem to mine it at all!!). It's the only way to be sure they get a good drink. I prefer not to spray through the top of the terrarium because I have sticks glued up there, and I dont know what continued dampness may do to them!! I just open the...
  15. Psychobunny

    Unnecessary Evolution??

    I think you may be getting abiogenisis mixed up with evolution of species, they are 2 completly different subjects. Evolution is descent with modification from a common ancestor, and that is ALL it is. It does not cover how the first cell started and reproduced. No one has the answer to that...
  16. Psychobunny

    Canned mealworms

    I agree with Rick, mealies are convience food!! Besides fat, they have little nutients and can not be gut loaded like cricks. Flies have the remarkable ability to convert decomposing nasty stuff into nutients and carbohydrates. So they are good feeders.
  17. Psychobunny

    Fan heaters

    I have 2 of those tower heaters because that part of my house gets cold in the winter (dont need them now), just be warned, if U use them, you will need a few heavy duty humidifiers because they suck the moisture right out of the air!!
  18. Psychobunny

    Idolomantis Consolidated

    Yep, they did just that! in a few minutes, they were back on the lid :) If it is not possible to possition the cage away from an unwanted light, thick black craft paper works wonders ;) You can order it from any arts and crafts place pretty cheap.
  19. Psychobunny

    Idolomantis Consolidated

    Had a problem! the bulbs in the hood melted the hot glue, causing a few of the sticks to fall !! No injuries, but had to think fast and fix it. Now I have the hood elevated one inch so it does not rest on the lid. I also put a small 3'' fan (battery op) on the hood.
  20. Psychobunny

    Orchid Nymph

    Yeah, that second pic is a magazine cover pic if I ever saw one ;)