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  1. minard734


    Well... I recently ordered some Brunneria borealis and Thesprotia graminis from Mantiseater... and I am very pleased! All came well and was packaged neatly. There was even a good bit of bubble wrap along the edges to assure safe arrival with less shaking around. I will be buying from him again...
  2. minard734

    Mantis Monarch

    Recieved my order yesterday and the packaging was GREAT! Also... They included 3 free budwings! I AM BLOWN AWAY!!! A+++++!
  3. minard734

    Wild Carolina nymphs 2015

    That is a late hatching. Cool.
  4. minard734

    Cross breeding? Reopened with new ideas?

    I bet Stagmomantis floridensis and Stagmomantis carolina are able to mix. Why? Because there is another type of Stagmomantis in FL that people have not mentioned. It is equidistant from S Carolina and S floridensis in features and size both. Don't believe me? PM me. I have pictures. I believe...
  5. minard734

    WANTED: Small species

    If you have small to medium sized mantises, I want to buy some to breed. 20-50mm as an adult, preferably. Message me if you have some for sale.
  6. minard734

    Any easy way to handle fruit fly cultures?

    I take a container and put it to the side, then bang on the top of the culture, sending them to the bottom, then I open it and pour some into the container I have to the side, I then put the lid on the culture and use this dish as the holder for a lower # of ffs. This works to avoid escapees.
  7. minard734


    Got some Iris oratoria and a male Miomantis caffra from Prayingmantispets... was very satisfied! All came on time and safely. Would reccomend to anyone. They even threw in a FREE fruitfly culture! Talk about care! A+++++++!
  8. minard734

    My new unusual pet

    I need to go outside and dig them up... Now I want to breed these too! Love antlions! Grew up watching them.
  9. minard734

    Bactromantis virga

    So, has anyone seen this legendary mantis? Bactromantis virga... If anyone has info on it, please comment here! :)
  10. minard734

    WANTED: multiple genera

    Looking for mantises from the following genera: Miomantis Stagmomantis Phasmomantis Ischnomantis Taumantis Yersinops Bactromantis PM me if you have some for sale.
  11. minard734


    Wonderful dealing with Eric! I got some Miomantis caffra females and will be dealing with him again. I already am, in fact, in the process! :) The mantises arrived in a good time and were healthy! :) I would recommend!
  12. minard734


    Got some Miomantis paykulli and Budwings from Joe... AMAZING TIME DEALING WITH HIM! All arrived 100% safely and are still doing great a few days later! Will trade with/purchase from him again! :)
  13. minard734

    WANTED: Miomantis caffra MALES

    If you have male M caffras I am willing to pay to get some to pair with my females. Looking to get all the Miomantis species eventually and breed them all. Let me know if any of you have males.
  14. minard734

    Hello! New England beekeeper/new mantid keeper here

    Mozzarella!!!! Nice! What Mantids do you have experience with?
  15. minard734


    Very satisfied! She shipped things very well and every mantis was packed neatly. All arrived safely and on time and it was a good deal from the start! 100%!!!
  16. minard734

    Bringing Mantis on a Plane

    Put it in your checked luggage.
  17. minard734

    WANTED: Stagmomantis species and Mantis Religiosa

    I am looking to breed Mantis Religiosa, or some kind of Stagmomantis species. Anyone have Stagmomantis limbata or another species? Any except Stagmomantis carolina, which is easy for me to find.
  18. minard734

    Mantis Gaveaway 2!

    Aethalochroa ashmoliana
  19. minard734

    WANTED: Thesprotia graminis

    Wanted big time... To try again! :o Thesprotia graminis. Will pay! :)
  20. minard734

    Hello from Riverside, CA!

    Welcome to the jungle! :)