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  1. Peter Clausen

    Mantis Discord Server

    Otherwise, remove the link in your signature line.
  2. Peter Clausen

    Mantis Discord Server

    I've spent about $17K hosting this forum and beetleforum and roachforum the past however many years out of respect for the hobby and as a favor to my customers that support my businesses. Perhaps you'd like to pay for a banner here to advertise your forum?
  3. Peter Clausen

    Broken forum links

    The hosting company said they could no longer support the forum being outside of the root directory, for reasons I didn't really follow up on because that (very) old landing page never made much sense anyway.  By "some," how frequent are you encountering this?  I appreciate the feedback and...
  4. Peter Clausen

    Video: Breeding Mantises

    Thanks for the views and comments, guapoalto049 and tracy!
  5. Peter Clausen

    Video: Breeding Mantises

    Thank you very much!
  6. Peter Clausen

    Video: Breeding Mantises

    In this video I document the introduction of a male to a female praying mantis and describe my methodology in a play by play fashion as the situation develops, while making small corrections along the way to maximize the chances for success. Sometimes it goes much more smoothly than this...
  7. Peter Clausen

    New Jumping Spider Video

    My latest video about jumping spiders...
  8. Peter Clausen

    Desert Insects

    It's worth the drive or flight! I've been to AZ many times and so your part of the country actually sounds extremely interesting to me!
  9. Peter Clausen

    Desert Insects

    Just thought I'd pop on and share a video from my newish YouTube channel.
  10. Peter Clausen

    Pill millipedes

    I will be working with a native US species a few months from now. They are very small though.
  11. Peter Clausen

    Introducing myself and my future shop!

    Your 2nd account has been deleted. We only allow one account per member. Your new and I'm just you just figured the first one didn't register properly. No worries. And welcome!
  12. Peter Clausen

    RoachForum & BeetleForum Down?

    The hosting company said they had server updates they did and so I simply needed to change the nameservers for the domain, once I finally had a moment to find out what the problem was. I'm sorry for the delay in fixing the problem and for not seeing the post here until now. Both of our sister...
  13. Peter Clausen

    Hello from Las Vegas!

    Good to see you on this forum too!
  14. Peter Clausen

    32oz Deli Cups

    When using soil it never hurts to freeze it for a day or two prior to use.
  15. Peter Clausen

    Mealworms vs BSFs

    Mealworms aren't a great option for mantises because they can bite the mantis and because of the thick cuticle you referred to. By BSF, I assume you also mean larvae. In my experience you mostly to hand feed (via tweezers) mantises with any sort of larva. Larvae just require a little more work...
  16. Peter Clausen

    Monarchs in AZ

    I've only ever seen queens in AZ...and lots of them! Nice find!
  17. Peter Clausen


    Listening to that song is almost as good as a new species of mantis. ;)
  18. Peter Clausen

    Wrong account

    The Matisian account was yours too, right?
  19. Peter Clausen


    We're looking into the missing threads for this topic. I suspect a moderator accidentally deleted the entire thing instead of just a single post, but it's the mystery of the moment!
  20. Peter Clausen

    What do your friends and family think?

    Great topic! I'm 42. I was interested in bugs as soon as I could go out in the backyard. My grandma used to bring bugs here to Oregon from her yard in Texas for my dead insect collection. The diversity blew my mind. My parents were always supportive. My dad built me cases for my dead insect...