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    leaving for a trip, will my mantis be okay without food for 10ish days?

    What do you gut load your flies with?
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    European Spiny Pillbug

    I’ve just realised that the reason these look like the pineapple isopods is that they are pineapple isopods, just a different name. Silly me, should have looked at the scientific name! 😅
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    European Spiny Pillbug

    Heh, they’re so metal 😄 They remind me of the pineapple and ankylosaur isopods. I like the various spiky isopods, they’re a really interesting twist on the more familiar form. I adore the Cuban spiny, thai spined and shiny gator isopods, all also spikes, but they’re still pretty spendy. I’m...
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    Possibly stupid question for keepers of beetles

    So do they not fly when kept in captivity?
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    Micro-cultural research for this forum!

    For the record, I think the fact that the site has fewer posts and less activity than it used to, due to diffusion of activity to other places like Facebook, is actually very interesting, and makes it a good subject for your papers. It’s worth pointing out, and could almost be the subject of an...
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    Possibly stupid question for keepers of beetles

    This may be a dumb question, but I’m curious… A lot of beetles can fly, and so far as I’m aware, they all have wings. I know that blue death feigning beetles don’t fly, but what about the others? Some of the flower beetles are absolutely beautiful, and I like a lot of beetles, I would enjoy...
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    Hello from Wales :)

    Thank you all for your welcomes! :) The Wolven, to answer your question, I did not sex them myself, they came to me both sexed as male by the seller, and both do appear to fit the characteristics for males :) Synapze, your experience is very encouraging to hear! My understanding is that...
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    Hello from Wales :)

    Hello and good evening (or morning, afternoon or night, depending on where in the world you are) to you all! 😃 My name is Rainbow, I’m somewhere in my mid-30s, and I’m from Wales in the U.K. and very new to the hobby, I just got my two little male ghost mantis less than a month ago. I’d been...