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    ISO Adult Male Hierodula Majuscula

    Title says it all. I am looking for an adult male of this species to breed with my female. I am willing to work out an ooth arrangement or buy. 
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    FOR SALE: Texas Unicorn Mantis (Phyllovates Chlorophaea)

    This charismatic species is one of only a handful true US natives in the hobby. They are relatively easy to care for, and are semi-communal (at least during nymph stages). They are a fun species that grows up to 3.5" long, making it also one of the larger North American mantids. These are a must...
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    Ghosts and D. Truncata still available

    Dead-Leaf Mantis  D. Truncata adult females have arguably one of the most impressive threat displays in the entire hobby (only rivaled by the Devil's Flower Mantis in my opinion). These grow up to 3" long and are also incredible dead leaf mimics. Setting up an adult female in a glass enclosure...
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    For Sale: Several Male Dead-Leaf (Deroplatys Truncata) nymphs. (L4-L6)

    I have several male nymphs of this species available for sale. Also willing to do breeding arrangements. 
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    For sale: Ghost Mantis (Phyllocrania Paradoxa) Ootheca

    40$ USA only. DM for shipping info. 
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    For Sale: Ghost and Dead-Leaf (Deroplatys Truncata) nymphs.

    Ghosts (Phyllocrania Paradoxa): $5 each, 10 for $45. Dead-Leafs (Deroplatys Truncata): $14 each, 10 for $120.
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    For trade: Freshly molted Adult Male Orchid Mantis (Hymenopus Coronatus)

    I have a freshly molted adult male orchid mantis looking for a partner. I am also willing to buy or trade for an adult female. 
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    Mass die off of Deroplatys Truncata nymphs in a really weird way

    Fortunately we have no smokers in the house. No air fresheners either. I occasionally light a candle or two but I've been doing that for years with no issue. 
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    Chinese mantis nymphs dying

    Can you describe specifically what happened to your batch? I just want to see if it was the same issue happening with mine, and to see if we have any common attributes that would cause the problem for a possible diagnosis. 
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    Mass die off of Deroplatys Truncata nymphs in a really weird way

    This is really disheartening, but my deroplatys truncata ooth hatched and about 50-60 nymphs were born. Now only 4 remain. They ALL fell victim to this weird problem where they would fall from their perch to the floor below. From there they would be "injured." They didn't drop dead immediately...
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    Chinese mantis nymphs dying

    What species was it? I am having a very similar problem with D. Truncata. Mass die off of nymphs that seem to become paralyzed 
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    For Sale: Deroplatys Truncata and P. Whalbergii nymphs (SOLD OUT)

    i1 unsexed Deroplatys Truncata nymphs - $12 each (must purchase minimum of three) 10 - $100.  By the time these ship out, they might be i2, but they are relatively hardy and capable of shipping out at i1.  i5-i6 female P. Whalbergii nymphs (3 available and must purchase all three) - $20 for the...
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    Breeding twice?

    Is there any advantage to breeding a particular female twice? Assuming the first pairing was successful? 
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    High demand feeder insects.

    Discoid roaches would be awesome...most other roaches are illegal in Florida. 
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    Looking for emergency advice in breeding Deroplatys Truncata

    Breeding is always the hardest part of the hobby for me, and Truncata has been no exception. I have tried numerous mating strategies to no success. My males are both at least a month old, so I don't think I have much time left. If you have had success in breeding this species, what was your...
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    For sale: Theopropus Elegans adult female

    I have a recently molted adult female available for sale - 20$ not including shipping. I am also willing to trade for certain species. 
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    Want to buy or trade for Deroplatys Truncata subadult or young adult female

    I have a group of subadult males that need a female. I am also willing to start a breeding collaboration with this species. DM me! 
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    For Sale: Tenodera Sinensis nymphs

    L1 $2 per nymph - preferred minimum of 5 $15 for priority shipping
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    Yen Saw - (US)

    A joy to do business with as always. A shipment from him was stuck in the USPS system for a whole week and not a single nymph perished due to his excellent packing. Yen Saw is one of the OGs in the mantis hobby and I would definitely recommend buying from him.