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  1. Mvalenz

    WTB Idolomantis Diabolica

    Hello. I would like to buy some idolomantis diabolica. Pm me if you have any you want to part with. Thanks
  2. Mvalenz

    Wanted: Bleharopsis mendica

    Does anyone have a female Bleharopsis Mendica for sale? Any instar will do. Message me if you do. Thanks.
  3. Mvalenz

    Violin, Orchid ,Theopropus and Idolomantis feast on grasshopper

    Very nice feeding. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Mvalenz


    Them jump up and down for joy :clown:
  5. Mvalenz

    Really? Not even a Dollar?

    What happened? Did someone post bad breeder info on me? If you haven't noticed I have not been on here lately. I have been preoccupied with other issues lately. I have always loved Budwings and they were my first mantids i ever known. These are the decedents of my very first budwing i ever owned...
  6. Mvalenz

    Budwings Best Offer

    Still have budwings. 7 in total. L-3 and L-4. All going to the best offer+shipping by midnight tonight. All bids are welcome.
  7. Mvalenz

    Budwings FS

    I have 6 L-3 budwings. I would like to sell the whole lot for $48.00 + shipping. These are very aggressive and the survivors of the thunderdome. If you want individuals pm me and let me know how many you want and i will try to sex them best i can.
  8. Mvalenz

    Day In the Life of a Mantid Breeder?

    Well, up until a couple of months ago i would wake up around 11:00am. I would look at my bugs as soon as i open my eyes cuz they sleep right next to me. really about 4 inches from my face. Then i would make eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce. Then go outside to enjoy some fresh air when i can...
  9. Mvalenz

    No food

    Hey they like ants. They love em actually. Aside from ants they are eating each other too, so I think they will be okay.
  10. Mvalenz

    No food

    Thanks everyone.
  11. Mvalenz

    No food

    May be a good thing i didn't. It's poring outside right now.
  12. Mvalenz

    No food

    I was thinking of doing the ultimate taboo and letting them go. It is summer and they will not interbreed with any other species and they will not live past fall. This way they will have a fighting chance for food. What do you guys think?
  13. Mvalenz

    No food

    Well, I have a bunch of budwings that hatched about 6 days ago. Petco was out of FF's so i ordered a culture. When i got it today all the FF's were dead. They already are eating each other. Any suggestions?
  14. Mvalenz

    frilled wings

    As long as he can still use his front claws to grasp prey he will be okay. Sounds like he can still hang on to stuff with his remaining legs, so I think he will be okay. Have you tried to feed him?
  15. Mvalenz

    Mantis hand feeding question

    They never lose their instincts. Like riding a bike. You never forget.
  16. Mvalenz


    I put her in the freezer yesterday. R.I.P Agent 99.
  17. Mvalenz

    Poor Ponder ! Hopelessly Calling

    Sorry. My male died right before i was going to ship him off.
  18. Mvalenz


    Well she seems to be in the same state she was yesterday. There is clearly nerve damage. I hope it is reversible. She is able to use her legs, but she seems to flail her claws like she can't control them when i touch her. I woke up today and she either climbed off or fell off the outside of the...
  19. Mvalenz


    i just went tothe store and bought honey for her. When i looked up she was climbing the outside of an enclosure
  20. Mvalenz


    Well my budwing is not doing too well after eating a firefly about 36 hours ago. I thought she was dead but she is still alive fighting for her life. I thought for sure she would start to decompose, but this morning she was still in one piece. Her legs seem to be curled up and not able to use...