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  1. kotomi

    First mating and first ooth!

    First, my apologies for the sub-par photos. I was excited and simply used my point and shoot camera... I had my first two successful matings last week, and a very first ooth layed as well. Chinese were my first species, so I thought this was a momentous occasion for a post. Hmmm, this...
  2. kotomi

    Incubation Success...

    nothing more exciting than new babies!
  3. kotomi

    ismart (Paul) - (US)

    Just received some mantises in the mail today from Paul. He definitely knows how to pack a parcel. All my mantises arrived in tip top shape, I even had one molt in transit and it arrived in perfect condition. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!
  4. kotomi

    X-FILES: my small mantis collection.

    Oh man, your creo lady looks like she's about to pop! 5 ooths is pretty awesome...
  5. kotomi

    Adult Female Chinese Praying Mantis not eating

    Yeah, the year life span is from birth to death... which is why so many people here breed these guys. It would be expensive to keep some of the exotics and have to buy new ones every year. I wouldn't worry quite yet, though... she honestly might not like the mealworms that much. I think...
  6. kotomi

    Adult Female Chinese Praying Mantis not eating

    Not eating for a few days is not a big deal... I offer my adult chinese food everyday, but sometimes they just aren't interested. Also, I don't think they are hugely fond of meal worms. Mine won't even eat them. I think they prefer moths and flies the most, then crickets, then if they...
  7. kotomi

    Deroplatys Dessicata, Sub-Adult Male

    This is another species I definitely want to keep someday... I noticed my own mantises like to sit on lampshades, too. I take out a different mantis each day and place them on my lampshade. They seem to love it and always stay put til I put them back in their houses. I'm just curious, is...
  8. kotomi

    Maybe some romantic music would help?

    ..or some 70's bow-chicka-wow-wow music. ha ha! Good luck
  9. kotomi

    just some radom pics

    You have/had some awesome mantises! You just about have my entire future wish list.
  10. kotomi

    Highest percentage of reaching adult from birth

    Yeah, sinensis just does have a higher mortality rate. Did you separate the sinensis nymphs? If not, 6 survivors does not surprise me... those guys like to eat anything that moves, including their siblings.
  11. kotomi

    Purple Boxer adults (videos)

    Great video and pics (as usual)!
  12. kotomi

    Metallyticus violaceus consolidated

    So cool!! B) I'm very intrigued by these guys. I thought they looked very roach-like... I find it fascinating that they have roach-like behavior, too. I wish you good luck with breeding these guys.
  13. kotomi

    Comment by 'kotomi' in media 'Side view'

    Love your photos!
  14. kotomi

    Comment by 'kotomi' in media 'Avery the explorer'

    Ha ha, that's a model pose if I ever saw one!
  15. kotomi

    Unplanned photo of my Tau being a badass!

    I love this species shade of green... and wow, she's quite the eater! Those grasshopper's legs can pack a punch, I'm impressed she didn't let it get away.
  16. kotomi

    Hello everyone ^^

    Welcome! There is a plethora of interesting info here and lots of wonderful people.. Good luck with your new mantises!
  17. kotomi

    Comment by 'kotomi' in media 'Ailise'

    Love this... one of my favorite plants, and my favorite insect!
  18. kotomi

    Comment by 'kotomi' in media 'Ailise with One Night Eye'

    I have a couple of Chinese mantises that only have one dark eye at night, too!
  19. kotomi

    Giant dragonfly. Good eats or dangerous?

    I caught a giant dragonfly once when I was out playing tennis... it was trying to lay eggs on the court, and I felt bad for it. I managed to catch it and bring it back to my parent's house. My parents have a small lake on their property. When I let it go, it climbed up my hand to my fingers...
  20. kotomi

    Allergy safe roaches?

    I believe a lot of people with asthma are sensitive to proteins in their feces and saliva. I'm not sure if all the species make the same proteins, but maybe if you kept their container very tidy, it wouldn't be as aggravating to her allergies. I have some banana roaches and I think they are...