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  1. jrh3

    Wholesale psalmopoeus irminia

    Venezuelan Suntiger tarantulas 20 psalmopeous Irminia slings 200 plus shipping. Super cheap for suntigers Shipping Quote with Zip Code Terms of Service Live Arrival Guarantee Purchase price must be over $30. You must accept package on first delivery attempt. Temperature must be above...
  2. jrh3

    Bulk caribena versicolor slings, cheapest price anywhere

    30 slings for 300 bucks. Thats 10 dollars each way under what they are sold for wholesale Can get shipping quote with zip code, Will only ship overnight due to temps. Terms of Service Live Arrival Guarantee Purchase price must be over $30. You must accept package on first delivery attempt...
  3. jrh3

    Amazing Tarantulas

    Needing to make some room for a few projects I have going on so letting a few of these go. Sexed Females: 1x Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens 3-1/4" $200 1x Caribena Versicolor 5" $250 Sexed Pairs: Monocentropus Balfouri: $300 for the pair Female is 4.5" Male is 3.5" Psalmopeous Cambridgei...
  4. jrh3

    OBT slings

    unsexed 3/4" OBT pterinochilus murinus $10 eachBulk of 20 for $175 I probably have close to 40 plus just have to get a count.Can get shipping quote with zip code, Will only ship overnight due to temps.Will not ship until January 11th 2022 due to delays with shipping.FedEx Hold at location until...
  5. jrh3

    Curly Hair Tarantula slings

    0.0.200 T. Albopilosum (curly hair) slings 1/2”- 5/8” Price drop buy 100 for 1 dollar each buy 50 for 1.50 dollar each buy 25 for $2 dollar each  Always open to trade for other species.  Shipping US only  FedEx overnight 40-60 bucks. 2 day FedEx i can get quotes. Terms of...
  6. jrh3

    Tarantulas for sale

    1- T. Epicurenum 3-3.5” probable male. $4510- P. Irminia 1” unsexed. $156- A. Geniculata 1/2” unsexed $251- OBT 3+" Male $301- C. Darlingi 3-4” probable male $301- A. Hentzi 2”+ unsexed $401 B. Hamorii 6” have not got a molt yet so sold unsexed but looks to be male, gonna be huge when it...
  7. jrh3

    Tarantulas for sale

    Second instar 1/2 inch Neoholothele Incei Gold unsexed 1-9 $15 each 10+ $12 each freebie on all orders 1-B. Boehmei 3.25” Male. $150 1-T. Epicurenum 3-3.5” male. $75 3-P. Metallica 1.5+ unsexed. $100 1-P. Cambridgei 2.5-3” Female. $100 1-G. Pulchra 3"+ possible female $200 Can get...
  8. jrh3

    Breeding Adult pair ghost mantids

    Have not laid ooths yet fresh pair. 75 plus shipping for the pair.
  9. jrh3

    Brachypelma Hamorii 5 inches

    I have not been able to molt confirm the sex yet so I will be sold as unsexed. 5 inch leg span.  will take 225 plus shipping. Very docile species. Excellent beginner species.    Shipping quote with zip code, LAG with overnight, can ship 2 day without LAG Terms of Service Live Arrival...
  10. jrh3

    Ghost mantis breeding question?

    He I still riding on he back this morning I left them overnight, he must think she works for Uber. :)  
  11. jrh3

    Ghost mantis breeding question?

    Well he has connected at least 5 times and is still on her back, in the past I would just leave them but this time I wanna save the male. He has been on her back for a hour so maybe he got it a few times to be enough.    I haven’t bred ghost in about 5 years, lol. Im a little rusty.
  12. jrh3

    Ghost mantis breeding question?

    So its been a while since I bred ghosts. How fast can the male transfer his spermatophore? It looks like he connected a few times bit it didn’t last long, now he is just sitting on her back. 
  13. jrh3

    Coronavirus: Thoughts?

    Maybe it is your local government and the state that you live in. We don’t have this issue in my state. 
  14. jrh3

    Coronavirus: Thoughts?

    I am starting to see side effects of it I didn’t know i had.    this is 5 months ago. Hopefully they go away and i lose nothing from it.
  15. jrh3

    Are Ooths from green ghosts worth more?

    The humidity thing is false. One ghost ooth you get multi colors of ghosts so I doubt they are 2 different locals like OBT. 
  16. jrh3

    Are Ooths from green ghosts worth more?

    Thats what i am thinking as well. Maybe I should start a project for all green ghosts. Would probably take a few years and I would have to hatch all ooths the green female laid. Then keep all nymphs until they reach the instar where they change color.    Has anyone attempted this? Before I...
  17. jrh3

    Are Ooths from green ghosts worth more?

    @MantisGirl13 What has to do with color then? Its not humidity like many say. I have raise all my ghost over the years the same temps and humidity and lighting and still get some green ones.
  18. jrh3

    Are Ooths from green ghosts worth more?

    Just wondering if they are worth more that one from a dark female for the chances of some offspring being green too?
  19. jrh3

    Tarantula for trade

    Neoholothele Incei Gold molted yesterday, the only reason i am letting her go is I already have 2 females and one male. I am gonna say 1.5”-2” DLS but haven’t got a measurement yet. Open to all offers 
  20. jrh3

    Coronavirus: Thoughts?

    I agree, the Media is 100% of the problem. America is not in bad shape, our economy is still booming. It is election year so they are feeding the sheep. If you turn the news off you won’t see a difference in now and before the virus hit.    I don’t even believe the virus has infected as many...