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  1. butlittlegood

    Looking for ooths

    Hello, I m looking for an ooths of many species.  EU shipping.  Pm me thank you
  2. butlittlegood

    Gongylus L3

  3. butlittlegood


    Excellent breeder. Serious and more reactive to my answer 😁 Order 10 gongylus nimphs and arrived in italy all live and in excellent condition. in excellent package 😊.he put an extra to me.. 2 fabolous deroplatys nimph.  Very positive feedback.  Thank you. 
  4. butlittlegood

    Looking for cosmoderus sp for EU (Italy)

    Looking for cosmoderus sp all size  EU shipment.  Thank you.  Alessandro
  5. butlittlegood

    Look for ooths Shipping in Italy

    Hi, Looking for fresh ooths to ship in italy. valued proposals. thank you [email protected]
  6. butlittlegood

    My mantis

    The nymph are popa spurca and thank to MikhailsDinos for This excellent fertile ooths....
  7. butlittlegood

    My mantis

    This is part of my collection... I'm very happy...
  8. butlittlegood

    Orchid male, Hymenopus coronatus

    Awesome shot! Awesome macro! Congrats Thank for sharing
  9. butlittlegood

    Hymenopus Coronatus Female (some shot)

    OrchidLab2 OrchidLab3 OrchidLab1 OrchidLab by PointOfView©
  10. butlittlegood

    Orchid orchid orchid :)

    Yes MantisMatt14 she is L5.. This is little male..more more fast to became adult..
  11. butlittlegood

    Orchid orchid orchid :)

    My wonderfull orchid female molt to l5.... I love love loveeeeee this specie....
  12. butlittlegood


  13. butlittlegood

    Sally's mantis thread start 05/13

    Fantastic collection..
  14. butlittlegood

    Wanted Idolomorpha lateralis

    I want idolomorpha lateralis nymph or ootheca Alessandro
  15. butlittlegood

    My New reclycled enclosur

    For my orchid old terrarium Exoterra, recycled, I added two small orchids, a fake plant, lighting with an old ceiling aquarium with two neon, are undecided on what to use to keep the higher the temperature. can anyone give some advice? here in Italy again and '14 degrees celsius...
  16. butlittlegood

    new orchid mantis enclosure

    Is a exoterra terrarium? I thought would serve more maintenance. remains a great fantastic vivarium. congratulations.
  17. butlittlegood

    new orchid mantis enclosure

    This is a dream's vivarium. Your mantis it's more happy. perfect habitat. of how much care he needs? how much time to devote to the care of the vivarium? the plants need of such care? how to administer the insects from meal? ilscusa for questions but for me this is really what I would have in...
  18. butlittlegood

    My little orchid ooth hatch

    update.. :wub: i loveeeeee this is the little male
  19. butlittlegood

    My little orchid ooth hatch

    your girl are fantastic dmina!!
  20. butlittlegood

    Dmina's mantid collection in progression 2014

    This collection is a dream????. all species that I want to have!