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    His Message box or whatever you call it on here is full! Hopefully he will see this and PM me.
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    Join your fellow arachnid enthusiasts in Chicago, March 14-15, 2014

    Are you speaking at this Orin? Have you been before? Has anyone else here been? Will there be other insects here?
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    Holiday gift exchange????

    Good question! We want to know!! Hey Tammy I will exchange with you if you want. No pressure though!!
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    Holiday gift exchange????

    Oh man! I wish I had been here in time. Been so busy.
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    Giant Asian Mantis (Hierodula membranacea) Enclosure; Help?

    I use paper towels as well. If you want to display her, substrate is pretty, but a huge mess to clean. Also in those Exo Terra's and Zoomeds I feel like moisture can become an issue and so mold can become an issue. :-/ Yucky for you and your mantis. Go with the paper towels and you will not be...
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    I was looking into pinning a while back but with the bigger ones you have to scoop the guts out. I don't know if I'm up for that. Especially with my babies!
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    What's been shaken bacon?

    Howdy Nick!
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    Eastern Hercules beetle. So does this count as wild caught?

    I released him. I would love to keep some someday but I was totally unprepared. I will have to work on an Orin approved set up. Also he didn't seem to be in the best shape, so I figured I would let him stay in his natural home. I found him a nice moist shady spot in the woods.
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    Eastern Hercules beetle. So does this count as wild caught?

    I went to pick up pizza and overheard a family talking about a stag beetle. Then I heard one of them saying "Where should we let it go?" I was all "Please allow me to introduce myself!" :devil: Luckily I just happened to have this layin' around!
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    Mantis hand feeding question

    I'm with Patrickfraser. Go outside and find some dog pooh. It's super easy to catch the flies. Just pop a deli cup over them they fly to the top, then slide the lid on. Precarious told me that when I was out of flies and it's super easy!
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    Aluine - Sphodromantis lineola

    Mel, I'm so sorry to hear this! When I saw you posted I thought this was what it was gonna be. It's the circle of life, but it's the sucky part of the circle. But I'm sure she had a super awesome spoiled life! Weren't you even feeding her fish? Lucky, happy girl!! You should definitely enter...
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    Mason jars, take 2!

    Yeah, I think it's always a lovely idea to use what you have. But feeding would make me crazy. The washer idea sounds great. I've done something similar before with just cutting a hole and plugging it with foam.
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    Happy, Happy Birthday Agent A!!!!!

    Alex, I hope you are having a wonderful birthday, and I hope you get lots of loot!!! Happy. happy birthday!! :happybday:
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    WHO wants to be RANDOM???!!!

    There was a marmoset and and a coatimundi at the herp show. I am want to steal.
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    My Savannah Monitor.

    Oooooh you should do a post with pictures of all your pets! That would be fun! That's really big!
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    Lucky me! 1st Adult female B mendica

    Awesome! Good luck!
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    My Savannah Monitor.

    How big will she get? I knew someone who had one of those water monitors that got huge! I'm not at all familiar with the savannah monitor. Do you have other lizards, snakes etc?
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    My new veiled chameleons

    When will you start selling these guys?