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  1. hibiscusmile

    The Mantis Gang!

    good pics
  2. hibiscusmile

    M. religiosa overhaul! Stay tuned!

    Me too. They do tend to die off quick, almost makes you not want to bother.
  3. hibiscusmile

    Lep macros!!

    Nice shots
  4. hibiscusmile

    Bitten by the bug

    Hi, where so you find earwigs, no don't tell me. I had one it the Bugatorium a few mts back and I was pretty upset to see it!
  5. hibiscusmile


    Your very kind, thank you.
  6. hibiscusmile

    I am a retired singer, voice teacher and medical transcriptionist. I ordered egg cases from Hirt's so I don't know what kind of mantid they are.

    Welcome, most egg cases sold are the chinese, Just because you do not see them does not mean they did not make it. They fit into nature so well we miss them a lot of times.
  7. hibiscusmile

    Yellow house spiders This is what it looks like.
  8. hibiscusmile

    Yellow house spiders

    I seem to have yellow house spiders in my! I do not like them at all, they run fast and are in my opinion ugly. Problem is I find them in my coffee pot a lot. Not really in the pot, but where the coffee comes out for the pods. Sometimes they are in my cup I put there after washing...
  9. hibiscusmile

    Hi Everyone! New here too

    Nice, good to have you here.
  10. hibiscusmile

    New to the group

    Hi Welcome, just jump in!
  11. hibiscusmile

    Isopods & Springtails Parasite

    I agree, they are to small for that parasite, but each and evry creature God made has it's own parasite.
  12. hibiscusmile

    Hi Everyone. New here

    welcome, your ghost looks like a male?
  13. hibiscusmile


    nice a great mantis all around
  14. hibiscusmile

    looking for flower mantis

    any species flower, need a dozen
  15. hibiscusmile

    what species is my pet mantis

    it is a ghost as said
  16. hibiscusmile

    Ghost mantid breeding?

    He did his job, now remove him.
  17. hibiscusmile

    Hi everyone!

    yo, welcome
  18. hibiscusmile

    A former member.

  19. hibiscusmile


  20. hibiscusmile

    Hello there.