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  1. Mantis Lady

    The mantis family 2021

    Consuela laid an ugly ooth but she was very hungry after it. I gave her a grasshopper and she grabbed it very fast en she is nomming now(y)
  2. Mantis Lady

    My Praying mantis butt has split open.

    That is the sad part of owning mantids. They don't live long. But we can enjoy their short lives
  3. Mantis Lady

    New to the group

    I did a lot of reading en watching vids about mantids before I bought one. it is because of the vids I saw, that i wanted to have one.
  4. Mantis Lady

    Hi Everyone! New here too

  5. Mantis Lady

    Doodles/Sketches/Art Thread

    I like those drawings
  6. Mantis Lady

    New to the group

    Welcome.:) This is a good place to find a lof of info about these beautiful insects. Do you have a mantis?
  7. Mantis Lady

    My Praying mantis butt has split open.

    Adult males eat not much, most females are walking stomachs on 6 legs but males eat not much, they can still fly, A female with a heavy abdomen can't fly. If he don't today offer the food next day,
  8. Mantis Lady

    Hi everyone!

    Think a bite from Atlas is painful:unsure:
  9. Mantis Lady

    Hi Everyone. New here

    You have nice pics of your mantids:love:
  10. Mantis Lady

    The mantis family 2021

    Here another pic of Consula eating a grasshopper, she eats not that much she doens't eat the abdomens. I think that is the best part to eat i think, but I can be wrong. She likes to drink from a cotton swap, maybe i can take a pic when she drinks. I was so temted to buy a mantis when I was at...
  11. Mantis Lady

    My Praying mantis butt has split open.

    do you have more clearer pics.? It looks very blurry How is de mantis doing?
  12. Mantis Lady

    Hierodula majuscula L2 nymph - sexing attempt

    the butts looks indeed male. Do you have a name for him? I give my mantids names because they are pets
  13. Mantis Lady

    Liturgusa maya in the US :)!

    She is good camouflaged on that branch:cool:
  14. Mantis Lady

    Hi Everyone. New here

  15. Mantis Lady

    what species is my pet mantis

    you are right, the crest is indeed missing. then I don't know;)
  16. Mantis Lady

    Mystymantis mantises

    A year and 4 months? That is really old😲
  17. Mantis Lady

    Hi everyone!

    A green ghost. I never had one. She looks so cool:love: The centipede looks cool but not an insect that I want to have as a pet. Your vid of Atlas doesn't work sadly enough
  18. Mantis Lady

    Thinking about breeding again...

    Welcome back and good luck with breeding. next next time when i buy a mantis, i buy a couple to try some breeding too, the last fertile egg i had, didn't hatch unfortunatly.