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  1. fatalmantis

    My Collection

    Here are some of the species I currently keep and a few from the past.
  2. fatalmantis

    Multiple Species for Sale

    Hello from Texas! I have a few species for sale. Popa Spurca (L2-L4) $5 each Hymenopus coronatus (L2-L3) $30 each or 10 for $260 Otomantis scutigera (L2-L4) $12 each or 10 for $100 Omomantis zebrata(L2) $18 each or 10 for $160. Older Mantis and Adults for sale: Omomantis zebrata Female(...
  3. fatalmantis

    Mites! Help!

    So I had a few of my male L3 orchid mantids randomly die recently and I couldnt find the cause until I saw this guy in the picture. He was weak and his body just looked dull until I took a magnifying glass to it. To my horror this poor guy is infested with some kind of parasitic mite. After...
  4. fatalmantis

    Wanted! sub adult or adult male Hymenopus coronatus

    Hi from Houston. I'm looking for one or more sub-adult of adult orchid mantis for my lovely ladies. I slowed my males a bit too much and I don't think they will be ready in time for my girls. Looking to purchase, but I would be happy to do a collab, exchange some of the ootheca if they mate...
  5. fatalmantis

    Let see your setups!

    I recently moved into a new space and have been rearranging my setups. I would love to see how you guys keep your mantis. Here is mine. Its a mix of Deli cups, acrylic terrariums, aquariums, Tupperware, and wire cages for my current 12 species. 
  6. fatalmantis

    Phyllocrania paradoxa For sale

    I have an excess of Phyllocrania paradoxa that I'm selling.  L2-L5. $5 each with sexed pairs for $10. I'm located in Houston Tx with a store front if anyone wants a local pickup. Shipping in the US only please DM me if interested.
  7. fatalmantis

    Wanted: Male Panther and Spiny Flower Mantis

    I'm looking to purchase for my two lovely gals: a male panther mantis sub adult or adult 1-3 Male Spiny flower mantis sub adult or adults PM me please if you have any you can spare with the prices. Thank you!
  8. fatalmantis

    Ghost mantis for sale or trade

    My two Phyllocrania paradoxa gals have been laying non-stop and I have a ton of L2-L3 nymphs I'm looking to sell or trade. The nymphs are $10 each. Buy 5 and get 1 free I'm located in Houston, Texas and have a storefront if anyone local wants to do a pickup. Shipping by Priority mail and...
  9. fatalmantis

    phyllium philippinicum

    Has anyone ever kept phyllium philippinicum before? I got some eggs earlier this year to try out something new and they started to hatch last month. I'm loving them but wanted to see if anyone had some some tips and tricks to keeping them. I already had two established blackberry bushes for them...
  10. fatalmantis

    Where do you buy your deli cups?

    I'm looking for a good source to purchase deli cups with vented lids in bulk. Where could I get the best deals?
  11. fatalmantis

    Hello from Houston

    Hi all! I'm Erin. I have been keeping mantids since 2008 though I took a break for the past 6 years due to my career and taking care of my family. I recently came back to mantid keeping and looking for fellow enthusiast to talk with and perhaps trade/ sell some of my current stock. I look...