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  1. Mantis Lady

    The mantis family 2021

    New year, new mantids  will be coming to me. it  will be a male and a female Sphodromantis. Is not the mantis I will get. But male and female will be L6    
  2. Mantis Lady

    My mantis is trying to lay an ooth..

    ...somehow she can't lay it. I see her trying and trying. I see her her putting her butt up and trying to lay it on the mesh. I am afraid she is eggbound and that will cost her life.  I gave her extra huimidity. What can i do to help her to lay her ooth? I am worried if she doesn't do it she...
  3. Mantis Lady

    Chico, my new pet bird

    Meet Chico. ( he is a Pyrrhura Frontalis.) He came home last saturday. He is handfed so he is used to humans and can be out of his cage. Hubby gave Chico a mini tree where he sits on like you can see in pic. I hope this guy will be a long time with me. He is  still young and has a lot to learn.
  4. Mantis Lady

    The Mantis Family 2020

    A new year, a new fresh topic for mantis pics. Yesterday my male hissing roaches were fighting .(Ulgoth and Ateyo) Sheralynn saw that and had her eyes glued to the wall of her home to keep the roaches in sight.😂 and she had just dinner.
  5. Mantis Lady

    Christmas wishes 2019

    I wish you all a merry christmas and a healthy happy new year
  6. Mantis Lady

    my new pet bird: Cochise

    Since a few weeks I have a new pet. It is a budgie. I don't know yet if he is female or male. He talks a lot. it sounds funny. I hope i can tame him so he can out of his cage too.
  7. Mantis Lady

    bad molt.

    My female hierodula membranacea female molted when I had na nap. I found her on the bottom of her home.   i think she fell during the drying up fase. She is messed up. Her backlegs are not in their normal shape. she misses 1 leg. I think it broke off when she fell. What can I do for her now to...
  8. Mantis Lady

    Ghost ooth care

    I have my first ghost ooth. I am not sure that it is fertile (I hope it is), because I didn't see my ghost couple connecting (maybe they did at night ;) )How should I take care of it? Totally newbie with this . Another question: how long is the incubation time?
  9. Mantis Lady

    How can I help my females laying their ooths

    I have a few adult females who are needing to lay their ooths. My h.masjuscula is very fat. I have put popsicle sticks on the lid where she can lay it on. Or do they prefer other places? Same case with a H.membranacea and a ghost. I already lost a mantis of being eggbound and that is not fun...
  10. Mantis Lady

    bad eating ghost.

    Ghosty, my ghost adult male is barely eating since his molt. I can put some flies in his cup, but he ignores them. He doesn't like hand feeding, but that way I get him to eat a bit. This abdomen is so thin. My question is how to get my Ghost eat better? I tried Dubia goo, pieces of grasshopper...
  11. Mantis Lady

    Tybalt will soon die and I want to pin him

    My male hierodula masjuscula, Tybalt is dying (not much life in him left, sadly enough) I am thinking to pin him instead of burrying him in the garden. How can I prepare his body the best for pinning? what about his abdomen, will it rot?
  12. Mantis Lady

    Hissing Neyteri and Ateyo

    I bought 2 hissing Roaches ( Gromphadorhina portentosa ) and they will arrive  tomorrow. They are young adults, so i will see no molts of them. These 2 are the ones that are chosen to be my new pet insects. I name them Neyteri and Ateyo: new species, so the names are re-useable. ;)
  13. Mantis Lady

    soraya got stuck

    Soraya was  running and she ran in a cricket trap that was hidden and she got stuck sadly enough in the trap,  I could free her for the biggest part. She lost a leg sadly enough. she is still stuck with one leg and a part of her abdomen. I have trying for a long time to free the poor girl. How...
  14. Mantis Lady

    Budwing is sick.

    Yesterday morning I found Cleo on the ground of her home. She didn't eat for a few days en I was  expecting her to molt,  I gave her honey water for strength and fluids. The poor girl is so weak, I will give her something to drink again, but it don't look good. there isn't much life in her... I...
  15. Mantis Lady

    How to care for panther mantis.

    Have someone some experence with panther mantids? How did they care for them? Can they live on room temp? I see my beeder has them  at the moment.
  16. Mantis Lady

    Blue botle flies hatching in fridge.

    Yesterday and this morning I saw a few hatched flies in my fly pupea box. I had a few hungry mantids waiting so I didnt mind. But I thought flies wouldn't hatch in the fridge because it is too cold for them.  there are still a few flies in there i am going to give to freshly molted Soraya...
  17. Mantis Lady

    RIP Ateyo

    The last couple of days, Ateyo seemed to be spooked and didn't wanted to eat. And this morning I found him in a really bad shape. I gave him honey water that he drank. But no improvements. he even throwed up. The last thing he ate was mealworms.  I had to let him go... I tossed the mealworms.I...
  18. Mantis Lady

    The Mantis Team

    Today my new addtions to my mantis family arrived healthy: 2 unsexed ghosts and hierodula membranacea female. I have made their homes ready and fed the new guys. The ghosts grabbed their fruitfies fast and for the hierodula  was only 1 fly ready to be eaten, so i fed her grasshopper abdomen. It...
  19. Mantis Lady

    Ayaweya and Soraya

    I got 2 H. masjusculas nymphs this week. They are in good health. They are just L3, thus it is hard too see what gender they are, so for now they are called mantis 1 and 2.  When they are big enough then it is time to give them their names. They will have a lot of growing to do to earn their...
  20. Mantis Lady

    Surprise: dubia babies hatch: Can they be food?

    I had a surprise this morning: I got a Dubia roach hatch. (I never intended to breed them. :P ) I saw baby roaches in their box. I think they mated when it was so hot a few weeks ago.  I took out the egg thingy and this is the result.  I think the babies hatched last night. Then I removed the...