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  1. MantisGirl13


    Hello everyone! I'm downsizing my collection and I have a few mantids for sale. I have a presub female H. membranacea, two presub male Rhombodera sp. Thai, a group of 6 L3 unsexed budwings (P. affinis), and one L3 unsexed Sphodromantis viridis. Message me if interested!   - MantisGirl13...
  2. MantisGirl13

    For Sale: Sphodromantis viridis, sub male Deroplatys desiccata

    Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been as active on here lately.  I just had a large hatch of S. viridis nymphs. $7 each, shipping at L2.  I also have a subadult male Deroplatys desiccata who is looking for a mate. I'm open to trade or sale.  DM me for more info! - MantisGirl13 
  3. MantisGirl13

    ISO Adult/subadult male Sphodromantis gastrica

    I have a beautiful adult female S. gastrica, and I'd love to be able to breed her! I'm willing to buy or work out a trade. Please message me if you have one or know where I could get one! - MantisGirl13
  4. MantisGirl13

    Ghost Mantis Genetics Experiment

    After having an interesting debate on ghost colors with someone on a mantis discord, I think I have decided that I am going to spend the next few years working on a project/experiment that tracks ghost mantis genetics to figure out for sure whether or not it is genetics that determines if a...
  5. MantisGirl13

    ISO Adult Male Ghost Mantis

    My male just randomly dropped dead and I have three adult females plus two subs molting soon. I can pay or trade (future ooth, presub female, or budwing mantis nymphs). Please let me know asap if you have one! - MantisGirl13
  6. MantisGirl13

    Budwing mantids for sale! $5 each.

    PM me if interested! They are still hatching now, and I'll start shipping them out once they reach L2.  - MantisGirl13
  7. MantisGirl13

    WC Chinese ooths

    I have a large amount of wild collected chinese mantis ooths. Selling them for $5 each. PM me if you're interested! - MantisGirl13
  8. MantisGirl13

    For Sale: WC Chinese adult pair

    I have a wild caught pair of Chinese mantids for sale. The female is possibly fertile since she was wild caught, but there is no way to know for sure. PM me if interested.  - MantisGirl13 
  9. MantisGirl13

    Best fruit fly medium

    I've made my own fruit fly cultures for years. At first, I used homemade medium, and I tried dozens of different recipes but I always had mold problems. When I won a gift card to Carolina Biological at a science fair last year, I bought their medium as well as a bunch of other culture supplies...
  10. MantisGirl13

    For Sale: Miomantis caffra nymphs

    I have a lot of miomantis caffra nymphs available, L2-4. $5 each, 5 for $20, 10 for $35, etc.  Some cool facts about this species: Parthenogenic but also reproduces sexually. Parthogenic ooths produce only females.  Very hardy, females lay a lot of ooths Ooths continue to hatch for up to...
  11. MantisGirl13

    Where to get pupae?

    I'm going on a trip for a month and I need blue bottle pupae, but everywhere I look they are out of stock. Where is everyone getting their pupae right now?  - MantisGirl13 
  12. MantisGirl13

    Pink Toe Tarantula

    This is my pink toed tarantula, likely male. I've had him for several months and got some great pictures I wanted to share!  He still needs a name, so please give me name ideas! - MantisGirl13 
  13. MantisGirl13

    ISO male violin

    My female just ate my only male. I have two subadult females and an adult female, so I'm looking for at least one presub, subadult, or adult male. I'm able to pay, but also willing to trade one of the sub females, and I also have several subadult giant Asian females I'd be willing to trade.  -...
  14. MantisGirl13

    Looking for adult male H membranacea

    My males both dropped dead prematurely before they could mate. Does anyone have a male giant Asian they'd be willing to sell or trade? - MantisGirl13 
  15. MantisGirl13

    Who molted?

    Hey guys! We all get excited about molts, so let's use this thread to share our recent molts, molts we are anticipating, and celebrate successful molts!  I'll start. I've had several successful adult sheds with my Giant Asian mantids lately and I've got two adult pairs now! My subadult male...
  16. MantisGirl13

    What's killing my orchids?

    Two days ago, I had two perfectly healthy L5 orchids, one male, one female. The male was eating fruit flies, the female was eating mealworms. Both were well-fed, prey was healthy and clean as well. Today, I noticed the male had turned black (his entire thorax, on the inside. The rest of him...
  17. MantisGirl13

    For Sale/ Trade Subadult Giant Asian Females

    I have three or four sub adult Giant Asian mantids for sale or trade. I'm open to different mantis species, but I'm also looking for a male Giant Asian. PM me for trades or pricing. - MantisGirl13 
  18. MantisGirl13

    ISO adult female ghost

    I have two adult males and I'm looking for a female or two or three. I'm willing to pay or trade one of my males. Thank you! - MantisGirl13 
  19. MantisGirl13

    ISO adult female ghost

    I'm looking for a subadult or adult female ghost mantis, I have two young males ready for her. I might be willing to trade one male. - MantisGirl13 
  20. MantisGirl13

    Corn snake

    For my birthday yesterday, my parents gave me permission to buy a corn snake! I'm really excited, and trying to figure out which one I want and where I want to buy it from. I'm seriously thinking about this female: (not my pic) But I'm also considering a few others. If I get this girl, then...