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  1. melonberries

    My Mantid collection

    Hana is a pretty flower. Also sorry to hear about your ghostie, may he rest in peace.
  2. melonberries

    my mantis queens 👑

    My babies from oldest to newest. Gertrude, Mistress of Doom Early November 2019 - Dec 21 2019 My first mantis, had not originally planned to keep her when I found her but I really quickly discovered how cool these insects really are! Lady Genevieve, Reaper of Wings October 2021 - Dec 15 2021...
  3. melonberries


    Excellent packaging and service. The mantis looks bright-eyed and healthy upon arrival; you can tell they take good care of their bugs.
  4. melonberries

    Are store-bought ooths worth it?

    Thanks! They had a bunch of unhatched T. sinensis at my local Lowes so I might pick one up as backup if I can't find a good deal on a native species. Or wait until autumn again to go bug catching.
  5. melonberries

    Are store-bought ooths worth it?

    I recently discovered that home improvement stores sell mantis ootheca (alongside ladybugs in the garden department, intended as pest control). Compared to what it costs for a single nymph + express shipping out of state it's a pretty reasonable cost for potentially a few dozen baby mantids. My...
  6. melonberries

    Looking for: Stagomantis californica / carolina

    I'm looking for a California or Carolina mantis nymph, any age. Female is preferred if it's old enough to determine sex but I'm cool with either. Thanks!
  7. melonberries

    Help ID this fish.

    They just found it in the wild somewhere? What sort of habitat (pond, lake, river, etc. assuming it's a freshwater fish)? 
  8. melonberries

    Insects Mantises CANNOT eat?

    Can the ovipositor on crickets be harmful to a mantid's digestive system if they ingest it? It looks really pointy and sharp like a needle.
  9. melonberries

    First timer from SoCal

    Thanks, everyone! The underside of my girl's upper forearms are orange, if that helps distinguish the species. I can't get a good look at the mouthparts and I've never seen her wings. I'd like to try to overwinter the ooth to see if it hatches in the spring (just in case) but I'm nervous about...
  10. melonberries

    First timer from SoCal

    Hello! Long time amateur naturalist, first time insect keeper here. After finding a lovely female mantis in my apple tree a few weeks ago I got attached and decided to adopt her (having a spacious terrarium lying around to use). I still can't ID her species but I found an ootheca when I got home...