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  1. happy1892

    Fat Green Ground Mantis (Sphaeromantis) Tanzania

    I thought this fat green ground mantis (Sphaeromantis) from Tanzania was cool:
  2. happy1892

    Website with photos of mantises from Brazil

    Hello.  I just came across this website with photos of different species of mantises from Brazil: The cute Photina remind me of Cilnia humeralis (Photo...
  3. happy1892


    Hi.  I'm looking for a person I met at the hospital.  His name was David.  He said he was on mantidforum.  I'm Nathaniel.  
  4. happy1892

    Paramantis sacra picture

    Adult male Paramantis sacra IDed by Marco Villani: Edit: Oops, sorry about the title.  Not from Cape of Good Hope!
  5. happy1892

    Cute yellow mantis (Dystacta alticeps) female Southern Africa

    I came across this cute mantis the other night.  I thought it might be something like a Cilnia, but Marco Villani on Facebook corrected me and said it is a Dystacta alticeps!
  6. happy1892

    Creobroter from Hong Kong picture

    Any idea on species?
  7. happy1892

    Pet fish (Lake Victoria Cichlids)

    Hi.  Here are pictures of a few fish I am keeping at the moment: Astatotilapia brownae "Munyonyo" F1 Female.  This one was the one I killed I think.  She was about 65mm long when I fed her a small dead crawdad I recently got from a creek.  When will I ever learn?!: Male: Juvenile...
  8. happy1892

    Blepharopsis mendica (Thistle Mantis/Small Devil's Flower Mantis/Egyptian Flower Mantis)

    Hi.  Here are a few pictures of my B. mendica I got from Mikhail Dinos in a trade last Spring (They've grown pretty fast from L2 to L6!).   This is when they were little (L2 or L3?).  Eating an Indian Meal Moth: Fat L5 or L6 male: Pre-sub female (L8?):
  9. happy1892

    Differences and ranges of Mantodea from Australia (Sphodropoda, Trachymantis, Zopheromantis)

    As title:
  10. happy1892

    Invasive species of Mantodea

    Hello. So does anyone know much about the invasive species and maybe some potentially invasive species of mantises? Such as what types of habitats they would prefer? I always felt that the Tenodera sinensis would not do well in dryer climates. Though the Mantis religiosa might be able to live...
  11. happy1892

    Cold adapted mantis species

    Hi! There are so few mantises that are cold adapted... lets list some shall we? :D They overwinter as oothecae, so the eggs in the oothecae are the things overwintering, cool summers might also matter to mantises. Brunneria borealis Iris polystictica (super cold hardy?) Iris oratoria...
  12. happy1892

    Sphodromantis species article

    You can see a couple of pictures of some Sphodromantis species you don't see everyday in the hobby.
  13. happy1892

    There are a few Hierodula species that live in temperate areas

    Hi. It is interesting that there are Hierodula species that are found in areas that go through winter. Hierodula patellifera from the Orient ranges up into Korea (in a book said to be spreading northward there) and Japan (not Hokkaido) Hierodula transcaucasica from Armenia and Georgia (the...
  14. happy1892

    Statilia nemoralis in culture truly S. nemoralis?

    Hi. I was wondering whether the Statilia nemoralis in culture are really Statilia nemoralis and not another Statlia species. In South Korea we have a Statilia nemoralis, but they are green in color (maybe brown, too, I don't know), and the uncommon green "Statilia maculata" sightings in South...
  15. happy1892

    Website with Mantises of Brazil

    Thought it might be interesting to some people:!galeria/cjg9
  16. happy1892

    Tenodera sinensis (?) hatching in winter? December 27th 2015

    Tenodera L1 or L2 nymph I saw today at forest edge near or in short grass. This is around mid winter, December 27th. Wake Forest, NC. Anybody else know about things like this happening? Does anybody think this will wipe out T. sinensis here? (I lost the nymph from wind blowing out of my and into...
  17. happy1892

    Mantis from Columbia ID help
  18. happy1892

    Parymenopus davisoni now Helvia cardinalis...
  19. happy1892

    Starving females attract males better (Pseudomantis albofimbriata)

    Well fed females of Pseudomantis albofimbriata (False Garden Mantis) attract males better than less fed females, only when females become starving is when they attract males much better. The starving females are said to be good at eating the males before the males can mate with them...
  20. happy1892

    What happened to Chloroharpax modesta

    I have not read about them being in the US anytime recent. Title is not really a question, just wanted to put emphasis that these guys were so beautiful how did people let them go out of culture.