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  1. Mantis Man13

    Why Do all Mantises Jitter?

    Hello. With all the mantises I have ever owned I have noticed that sometimes their raptorial arms will jitter almost like a spazzing out. Why do they do this sometimes?
  2. Mantis Man13

    How do you measure an adult mantis?

    When you measure an adult mantis do you measure it including how long the wings are? Its kind of hard to measure just its body and abdomen as the wings are covering it and its hard to tell...
  3. Mantis Man13


    My giant asian shield mantis molted! After about 2 months it was about time. It molted perfectly it looks beautiful. 😃😃😃. It is an adult now btw.
  4. Mantis Man13

    I think my mantis is going to molt within this week!

    My giant asian shield mantis has been subadult for over 2 months now. Its wingbuds have bit thin for a while. However, as I have noticed with previous mantises I have had, when the wingbuds get swollen and have a blotchiness to them it will molt within a week and guess what my mantis is doing...
  5. Mantis Man13

    Hello Please Tell me Where I can buy this awesome mantis!

    Hello i want the iridescent bark mantis to buy but the only place I could find that sells it is but u guys have told me that it is a scam. I can see that considering it costs 1,100 dollars for it. Is there anyway to get it cheaper elsewhere? it is quite a rare mantis apparently...
  6. Mantis Man13

    Why Do Mantises When Eating Have Their antennae go to the back of their head and straighten?

    Is this to make sure that the antennae don't get damaged by the prey? Please explain in detail. Thanks!
  7. Mantis Man13

    Is this a good setup for my giant asian shield mantis?

    Hello I am wondering if I have a good cage setup for my mantis. I have a ten gallon tank with exoterra dirt substrate 2 inches deep, a giant stick with many places to molt on, and a screen top.
  8. Mantis Man13

    How do I Water Substrate?

    Hello, I have a setup where I have a 10 gallon tank for my mantis, a giant stick, and then some exoterra dirt substrate I got at the pet store. How do I water the substrate? How often? How do I make sure to not fill it up too much? What do I put the water in to water it with? please answer all...
  9. Mantis Man13

    The Mantises of Japan? Please help!

    Hello, I am researching for the mantises of Japan. So far I have only found one mantis, Tenodera aridifolia. However, I read online that there are several species of mantises there. I simply can not seem to find information on this. Please help I must uncover the mysteries of the mantises that...
  10. Mantis Man13

    I am going on a trip sometime in the future and need help!

    Hello, I am going to go on a trip somewhere in the future and am going to be leaving my mantis at home I don’t have anyone who could care for it. I would be gone for 8 days. Can you tell me what I should do to make sure it survives until then?
  11. Mantis Man13

    Mantis Isnt Growing Big?

    My giant asian shield mantis was L5 when I got it and now it is L7. It used to be .75 inches now it is 1.1 inches long. However, the breeder I got it from said that their giant shields that are L7 are 2 inches long! Comparison to mine that makes mine a runt! There must be something wrong with my...
  12. Mantis Man13

    How often should I feed my mantis?

    I feel like I should feed my nymph mantis everyday but it is a pain to do it. Most of the time I am doing it every other day. Is that ok and if I do this will it make it not grow as big or will it still grow to its full size? I am worried.
  13. Mantis Man13

    I Don’t Know How to Upload More Photos

    I think I have used up all the photo space for mantidforum because it wont let me upload any photos anymore. Is there any way I can upload photos? I really want to send photos of my new giant asian shield mantis! And I am not going to do photo bucket like other people in the forum because it...
  14. Mantis Man13

    I have a question about a June Beetle

    Go to the “other insects and invertebrates” part of the forum to see the post. 
  15. Mantis Man13

    Found This June Beetle. Why do June Beetles have hairy chests?

    I mean seriously look at da hair on this thing! Is it actually hair or something else?
  16. Mantis Man13

    Is This a Real Photo of a Mantis?

    This mantis’s abdomen looks way to big to be real. What do you guys think?
  17. Mantis Man13

    Do Mantis do Good and Molt Okay in Critter Keepers?

    I need to know for keeping a mantis.
  18. Mantis Man13

    I Figured this Would Happen With my Package... HELP!

    So I did priority mail during coronavirus season even though it told me there might be delays. I should have done overnight. Call me a fool for doing this if you want lol. So it says in transit arriving late. Have any of you had this problem ever or in coronavirus season? What is your experience...
  19. Mantis Man13

    Learned How you Really Pronounce Brunner’s stick mantis.

    Ever wonder how to pronounce brunner’s? Here is how! Tell me if you pronounced it differently before watching this.
  20. Mantis Man13

    Cool Video I Found on Youtube

    This is a really cool video about mantises! Obviously it is for beginners but I thought it was cool that they add links in the description for famous mantis youtubers!