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  1. Starving Always

    Ghost Males needed!!

    I have two females and i would really like to continue raising these species! If anyone is willing to sell their healthy, not as old male or negotiate in splitting the oothecas by lending females to breed and such, PM me!! I'm in the US
  2. Starving Always

    Looking to Buy: Vietnamese centipede/Other hardy centipedes

    Title says it all. I really would like to switch over to centipedes now. Of course, i still keep mantids, but its always nice to have another invert that isn't the same. Just looking to keep one, not have a whole collection of them, haha. Please PM me so we can discuss prices. Im in California. ...
  3. Starving Always

    Mantis Packages Unboxing Videos

    Correct me if Im wrong to post here of if i am not allowed to do this. I have never thought about it and it was just one of those random stuff goin on my curious mind haha. But... wouldn't it be cool to see mantis package opening videos on Youtube?? Here is probably the only video I could find:
  4. Starving Always

    ISO C. Gemmatus Adult Males

    I have 2 of the Creobroter gemmatus females and one has been calling for days. The other seems to be carrying an infertile ooth. Please, if you know anyone who do has an extra, please message me! I don't want these lovely females to not carry out their specimen so i can adore and care for their...
  5. Starving Always

    WTB; H. membranacea & S. lineola females

    I'm looking to buy fine females of these two species. Adult, if you can. Please message me if you have these. Thank you!! 
  6. Starving Always

    LF: Adult Male P. Spurca, P. Wahlbergi, S. Lineola

    Looking for : -adult male P. spurca (also looking for nymphs too) -P. wahlbergi species (any instar) -S. Lineola (any instar, although some males and sub adults would be nice) -communal species (prefer nymphs) Keep in touch with me if you have any of the species listed above. Im in Cali...
  7. Starving Always

    Litaneutria Minor

    SUPPERRRR TINY... sorry for the horrible quality. I believe this is the smallest mantis! 0:
  8. Starving Always

    L3/4 Griffin Nymphs In 2 oz Containers

    I have 7 of them in 2 oz containers. Are they a bit too small for them? I find this to be a rhetorical question, but just making sure! 
  9. Starving Always

    Can Mantis Survive with Unfed Flies?

    Hey everyone! It's been such along time since I've made a new post to the forum. The weather has been scorching up, and my days of catching prey are over. I've decided to go and get some fly pupae from websites.  So I was wondering if flies can be fed straight up without it being fed. Say, I...
  10. Starving Always

    Looking for adults (beginner species)

    looking to practice breeding them (: also let me know when they molted to adult! any species really, PM me! also looking for:  Budwing male african pinstripe male popa spurca female
  11. Starving Always

    Need to buy LOTS OF excelsior, blue bottle flies, houseflies

    Looking to buy LOTS OF excelsior as a perching unit for my baby nymphs (: and houseflies/blue bottle flies for my mantis as i ran out... i can pay cash most definetly, and maybe with Paypal. PM me pleaseeee! Thank you.
  12. Starving Always

    Hierodula golden ootheca, Litraneuria minor ooth

    Litraneuria minor ooths are wild caught from Yen. They will need to be fed springtails when emerged. They are a ground mantis sp. I have no longer need for them as i cant deal with this species, please take them! 1 will be $15 each.  i also have a Hierodula golden ootheca. its fairly big and...
  13. Starving Always

    Starving's Collection Thread

    Hey y'all! So i have been thinking about doing this ever since I first got on here and barely starting my collection (well i still am haha). But now, i think i should celebrate my first ooth hatch by finally starting my mantis collection thread! Here i'll be updating on many of my new mantises...
  14. Starving Always

    Males Wanted

    Need desperately budwing and pinstripe males!! I have both females ready to mate (: Looking to buy only. Im in California, US.
  15. Starving Always

    (Dead) Male M. Binotata

    ive never felt so heavy ever before. he has been with me for only 2 days. he started losing grip, then fell. it was like a mismolt. he doesnt deserve this at all. it was so random and sudden. :'(
  16. Starving Always

    ISO Budwing adult male

    Looking to buy an adult male Budwing. i have a female one and would like to breed the two (-: PM me if you have one!! Paypal payment only.
  17. Starving Always


    First adult pair mantis package from Mantis Monarch: OH DAMN! so I received my FIRST EVER adult pair of Miomantis Binotatas from Mantis Monarch and decided to breed them (:  Of course, I fed them beforehand. The female ate partial of a roach (I thought it would fill her up) and the male ate...
  18. Starving Always

    Looking for: Theo Rubrobrunneuss Male

    preferably adult (: pre sub adult or sub adult is fine too. please pm me!! looking forward to buy or we can arrange a deal. im in the USA
  19. Starving Always

    Dealing With Dubias

    hi y'all! ive always wanted more of a variety of feeder insects for my mantids and saw a really good deal online for dubias. I also bought the roach chow that was their food if mixed with water. just today, i received them! Everything came perfect. They were in 2 raggy bags and I knew I had to...
  20. Starving Always

    Looking to buy pairs of any (beginner) species

    hello, i am looking to buy any pairs (confirmed sexes: male & female) of any beginner species (ex: hierodula sp., ghost, creobroter sp., stagmomantis, egyptian, carolinas, etc.) either pre sub-adult or sub-adult or adult. please let me know, if adult, when they have last molted. thanks...