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    I'm back with 3 new mantids!

    Hey all. I am back. Recently found 3 new mantids. I am now living in Lufkin, Texas (deep east texas). I like to walk around my apartment complex looking for lizards, bugs, etc. I finally got a hercules rhino beetle (female) she was on the parking lot pavement. I found a mom cat and 3...
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    What species do I have?

    Hi, I live in North Carolina. Just found 2 huge grubs- wondering what species of beetle they are. Google images is giving me mixed results. I will take a video of these tonight. But in the meantime - the following picture looks most like what I have. My grub worms have heads that are...
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    Mantis Species in Water Island Virgin Islands ?

    Hi, does anyone know which species of mantids can be found in water island, Virgin Islands? Or a website that may help me?
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    I need Moths!

    Ok, so I now only have 1 Tenodera sinensis left. Lookout is the survivor. But she really wants to eat more moths, however they are dissappearing where I live due to winter. Does anyone know where I can buy live moths? Or does anyone have lots of moths around? (they must be free of areas...
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    Ooth shape and fertility and parthogenesis

    So my female Stryker (Chinese mantis) just laid an ooth today. Im a little worried that means she may pass soon. The ooth is shaped much different then usual, I assume its infertile. BUT then I have read of some parthogenesis in mantids. What are the chances of that happening? Has anyone...
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    Disfigured wings and leaking blue

    PLEASE help! My Stryker had molted into adulthood. She had no previous malformations. BUT as an adult her wings are all assymetrical and the right wing is deformed and misshapen. I believe her wings did fully get pumped up but that they are deformed. Does anyone know why???? NOW Stryker...
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    Disfigured wings

    So 1 of my Chinese mantises has reached adulthood. This one had no mismolts or issues previously. But the adult wings are disfigured. It is not even at all. The right wing is very tiny, like stunted. She can open up the wings fine, did not try to fly. It is not misshaped but the wings are...
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    Tenodera sinensis

    So my nmphs are mostly L5 now, some already L6 and 1 L4. The L6 have wing buds. BUT some of them it is hard to count segments. Are genders of this species different in the wings somehow? Also what exactly does it mean for females to call? Do they make a sound?
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    Feeding centipedes?

    Can Praying mantises eat centipedes? These are the tiny centipedes found along the eastern US (specifically the Carolinas and TN). I have heard they may have poison and can sting.
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    Hi, I am from Greensboro, NC. I have always had a love for most animals, starting with cats, bugs, and reptiles. I am currently living in Knoxville, TN for a summer internship at the Zoo. My cat is great at finding cocoons and last November he found a mantid egg case. It is Chinese Praying...