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  1. cat_h

    ISO Epaphrodita and Metilia please :)

    Hi! I'm looking for Epaphrodita musareum and Metilia sp. If anyone has any available? Based in Ireland so seller would need to be in Europe please. Thanks! Cat
  2. cat_h

    Wanted in Europe...

    Hi All, Looking for Deroplatys desiccata, Phyllocrania paradoxa and illudens, Epaphrodita musareum, Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii, Metilia spp. and any of the Boxer species. Either pre-sub or sub adult pairs, or about 20 nymphs of each. ooths would also be an option. I'm based in Ireland, so...
  3. cat_h

    Info needed on Antemna rapax...

    Hey All, Has anyone kept Antemna rapax before? If so what were your experiences? I can't find any husbandry info online, so for now I'm just pitching it at general Neotropic temp and humidity.  I'd love to know if there are any tricks for keeping them well, or any pitfalls to watch out for...
  4. cat_h

    Tips for rearing Antemna rapax ...?

    Hi All,  Does anyone have experience raising Antemna rapax? Do they have any weird quirks in terms of feeding or needing very specific heat and humidity? Any info or anecdotes appreciated :) Thanks! Cat
  5. cat_h

    Giant Dead Leafs and Orchids for sale (Ireland / UK)

    Hi All, I have for sale 20x Deroplatys desiccata (Giant Asian Dead Leaf) at L4/5, along with 2x pairs of these at Pre-sub/subadult. I'm looking for £6 (7euro) each for the nymphs and £18 (20euro) for the pairs. Open to offers on multiples or bulk for these... need them gone as they're eating me...
  6. cat_h

    Mating Otomantis?

    Hey All, anybody have any tips for mating Otomantis? I only have one male so I kinda need to get it right first time round ;) both have been adult about 3 weeks. female seen calling the past few evenings. do you try to hand place him on her? should I put them both in an enclosure and leave...
  7. cat_h

    D.desiccata mating / laying with pics :)

    Hi all, Finally had success with my D.desiccata. Here's a bit of backstory before the pics incase it might be useful to anyone in their own mating efforts.... I had read that the females could mate 4 weeks after their adult moult, and I think I had been sticking too rigidly to this expectation...
  8. cat_h

    Call behaviour?

    Hi guys,  My female desiccata is perched with her wings tips extended about 1cm, just so you can see the edge of the black eyespot marking. She's never shown these even as a threat display, she's super chill.  Could this be associated with pheromone dispersal calling behaviour? She's 4weeks...
  9. cat_h

    Care of adult males...

    What is the best way to keep a male mantid alive as long as possible? Seems a shame that they die so quick. I read advice that to slow the progression of a male through the instars you can try keeping them cooler and fed less than females. Seems counterintuitive for an adult though or does it...
  10. cat_h

    Wanted in UK/europe.. adult female Deroplatys desiccata

    Hi all, My male has just moulted to adult... I'm looking to buy an adult female D.desiccata, ideally need her around the 1st week of September.  I'm in the UK, so only UK/ European options please :) Please message me if you can help,  Thanks!  Cat
  11. cat_h

    Deroplatys desiccata photos

    Hi Guys, Starting a thread here for pics of my Deroplatys desiccata as they grow. Currently I have 2 females and 1 male. My photos aren't great, hopefully I'll get better in time! Female 1:  Was super chill when out exploring, wanted to hang out on the camera though more than pose for pics :)
  12. cat_h

    Any guesses on instar for my D.desiccata?

    Hi all,  I have taken a couple pics of my larger female D.desiccata, and the male too. I'm hoping someone will be able to hazard a guess at how many more moults I should be expecting from each to get to adulthood... Female 1: Male: My second female is 1 moult behind the female pictured...
  13. cat_h

    Mantid moulting... is she ok?

    One of my female D.dessicata is moulting this morning. She's the first one to do it since I got them a few weeks ago and I am slightly freaking out lol. I tried to upload pics to Flickr but for whatever reason its not playing this morning so I'll just describe whats happening.. Shes hanging...
  14. cat_h

    Mantids drinking

    Hi everyone! Do mantids need regular access to water drops or is it only an occasional thing? Does it vary by species? I guess I'm wondering if the water content of crickets is enough to prevent dehydration. I have my D.dessicata in a divided aquarium and in a plastic tank, so i can make...
  15. cat_h

    Any tips for furnishing a Dead Leaf enclosure?

    Hi guys, My dead leaf mantids are arriving today (I am super super excited btw). I have their setups ready but for some reason they didn't come out quite as well as I had thought. Don't get me wrong... I've made sure the requirements are all there with respect to perches and places...
  16. cat_h

    Hi from the UK

    Hi everyone, I'm Cat and I've just started using this forum... seems like a great place, very active and alot of awesome info and experiences being shared. I have been keeping reptiles and inverts on and off since 2001, still have my first ball python who will be approaching 20yrs old soon. I...