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    Rhombodera Megaera and water consumption

    Hi guys 👋  I hope everyone is doing well and having a wonderful day so far!    I have a random question- I have one L4 rhombodera and 5 (L4 as well now) Tenodera Sinensis. The Chinese mantises almost always drink the water droplets that I spray daily. I know that the rhombodera needs a bit...
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    Mantis Handling and Taming!

    Hi All!!    I got another Q for y’all... What do you guys do to ‘tame’ your mantises and get them used to being handled?? My Tenodera Sinensis nymphs seem to be getting more skittish with each molt. I just want to make it so they’re not super stressed each time. I prefer to feed them in...
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    L3 Chinese Nymph Feeding Q!

    Hello fellow mantis lovers!! 👋  We had a cpl molts last night in two of my Tenodera Sinensis! Super exciting, as I was not expecting them to molt. They have been taking food, so I was not expecting a molt today!    question tho! They are now at an L3. I have a large amount of fruit flies (one...
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    Unsure if this is normal or not?!

    Hi guys...I have a question and hopefully someone can help me out! I am hoping that I’m just overreacting, but I noticed my rhombodera megaera hanging out on one of the leaves she likes in her enclosure. She was there for a while, which was normal, but I noticed after a while she was laying...
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    Feeding Question!!

    Hi everyone!!    I gotta quick feeding question about my freshly molted L3 rhombodera megaera... As of right now, I still only have fruit flies. I have an order of house fly larvae coming, but have plenty of fruit flies at the moment.    My question is this- how many fruit flies is too...
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    A few of my little buddies!

    A cpl pics of my Rhombodera Megaera before and after L3 molt! I *think* she’s a female, but will hopefully be able to tell later today when I take her out. She molted the night before last so I wanted to make sure she had some drying time!!    Also included a cpl pics of my L2 Tenodera...
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    Nice to Meet Everyone!!

    Hello Fellow Mantis Lovers!! I am new to the mantis world and thoroughly LOVING the hobby!! We started with a Chinese Mantis (tenodera sinensis) Ooth, and because it was our first time, I wasn’t sure if it would hatch or not. Low and behold, three weeks after receiving said Ooth, we had at...