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    Loooong time away. Anyone have any Orlando leads?

    Hey everyone. I pop in every few months to binge read but I almost never post. Right now I have five ghosts and a flower mantis.  I'm going to Disney World next month on vacation for a few days with the family.  Does anyone have any tips on mantis hunting in the area? I searched for "Orlando"...
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    Otheca preparedness?

    I have my first two ootheca, a brunners ooth and a mystery liturgusa ooth. I've heard brunners can take a long variable time to hatch, and since I don't know the exact species of litugusa I don't know when that ooth will hatch either! So my question is, should I have feeders ready this whole...
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    Mystery Mantis Log

    Here I'll log all the things I figure out about my two mystery mantises. most likely Liturgusa, as stated. But if so, the mystery then becomes why they were in Florida so I stick by my title! haha. Original post here. Whenever they molt, or i see any new behaviors I'll update here. Collected...
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    My first mantids ever found in wild, G. Grisea! Plus, mysterious ootheca

    EDIT: To recap: The nymphs ended up being liturgusa nymphs, not grisea. Not native to florida. The mystery ootheca are liturgusa. I went back and got more nymphs and some adults. The adult has laid an ooth. The other died of old age. Will try and keep them in culture. They rock! Before today, I...
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    Wanted!! L7 or L4 ghost mantid, Phyllocrania Paradoxa

    Once again, seriously hoping someone has one. My ladies are: L7, molted last on December 27th L7, molted last on the first week of January L4, molted last January 11th L4, molted last January 18th If anybody has a male ghost to match up (roughly, doesnt have to be exact) with one of my...
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    Wanted: Male phyllocrania paradoxa!

    I need a match for my two female L7s, or I can wait longer and get a mate for my L4 ghosts! I'm located in florida. If you sell me a male L7 or L4, I can send you an ooth in return if the pairing is a success :) Just as a thank you. EDITED: L3 molted
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    Mantis and Red light?

    I hope this is the right place to post this! The container I have my two ghosts in is too small (they are only L3) to use a mat heater safely, and I dont have a good way to use heating lamps at a safe enough distance to get the right temperature. I've been housing them under a desk lamp during...
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    Hi! I'm Amanda from south florida. I'm a student, biology major. After a few months of obsession and research, I purchased my first two mantids a few days ago! I now am the proud mom of two ghost mantises. They are still L3, but I can see a slight difference in their crowns which leads me to...