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  1. nicoledougherty

    What's new?

    Hey! Missed this forum! My last ghost mantus died after two years of breeding and keeping many. Guess it’s time to buy more :)
  2. nicoledougherty

    Is my black widow gravid again?

    Well I guess they can she is cleaning her raptors as we speak.........and the Widow is in her belly
  3. nicoledougherty

    Wacky Packages

    Totally collected them!! Was so excited to see them come back again, This might have nothing to do with them but around the same time I also was into Nik-L-Nips those waxy bottles with colored liquid inside. Those are back around again too :P
  4. nicoledougherty

    Is my black widow gravid again?

    Found this one today. Is it a Brown Widow?? I live in Southern CA. Looks pretty Black to me. My Blue Flash is starving and my flies aren't here yet it's almost dead. Is it dangerous to feed it to a Mantis?
  5. nicoledougherty

    I think my Indian Flower Mantis has laid an unfertilized ootheca

    Mine do this. They lay long ones along the branches. Mine have laid two so far. not fertile of course.
  6. nicoledougherty

    Why is my idolo not eating? please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mine did this. I kept her warm and hydrated at all times with at least one house fly in there during the day then at night I'd remove the fly if she didn't eat and put one back in in the morning. Hopefully she's about to molt. Even after mine molted It took me awhile to realize it because the...
  7. nicoledougherty

    mismolted Ghost butt

    So sorry to hear about both of them :(
  8. nicoledougherty

    How often should they molt?

    Wondering how your Blue flashes are. Mine just had her second molt. She is about two inches now and will eat about 4 blue bottles a day. Here is a picture of her.
  9. nicoledougherty

    Some I took tonight

  10. nicoledougherty

    My Wahlbergii

    My L3 Wahlbergii
  11. nicoledougherty

    New Idolo stopped eating!

    Oh wow didn't think of this. Better put the Hydei back in and take out the houseflies. This Idolo has caused me more pain !! Actually out of the six mantids I own she is the sweetest though. She seems to like to come out of the enclosure much more than the others and hang out on my hand. But...
  12. nicoledougherty

    Spiderwebs Swarms the countrysides of Australia

    I think it's funny that there's no news showing people freaking out and running from these swarms of spiders. Instead there's a picture of a women walking her dog through these miles of webs very calmy and matter of fact. Rather peculiar.....I would be a little freaked out. Maybe we missed that...
  13. nicoledougherty

    New Idolo stopped eating!

    Ahhhh finally I saw her eat one small housefly. Yayyy! :clap:
  14. nicoledougherty

    New Idolo stopped eating!

    2nd Instar
  15. nicoledougherty


    Welcome :)
  16. nicoledougherty

    Spiderwebs Swarms the countrysides of Australia

    Anyone seen anything like this before?
  17. nicoledougherty

    Wahlbergii.. why do that?

    Looks like a little discipline is needed here! :no: Maybe you need to throw some toys in there to keep him busy instead!
  18. nicoledougherty

    New Idolo stopped eating!

    Hmm....only one we have up on Youtube is of my son Shane doing a toy review of his Millenium Falcon haha. Yep hopefully she'll surprise me in a good way :)
  19. nicoledougherty

    New Idolo stopped eating!

    Well Day eight has come and gone. I've tried BB, House flies, large fruit flies, Wax worms, all with no luck!! ( just a fancy threat pose when a wax worm was offered by toothpick) :blush: . She wanted out yesterday and walked around on our hands and seemed lively. Don't know where she's...
  20. nicoledougherty

    Never seen this color on a spiny Flower before: Thought it might be tweaked by a photo editor but what is this? If this link doesn't work than look up Alien Praying Mantis drunk and dancing in Uganda on YouTube (don't pay attention to the drunk part just the color :P )