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  1. soundspawn


    Bought 1,000 roaches. He deals through Etsy but I can say that process was fine. Registered, bought his "custom order" he created on there, and paid with major cc. Great communication, and plenty of extras on top of the promotional over count. Price was a tad high compared to some online...
  2. soundspawn

    Possible case of parthenogenesis

    So I have an Acromantis formosana adult female. She molted to adult 10 days ago... and laid an ooth last night. She hasn't been mated (I've had her for three instars and don't even have a male formosana). What I find odd is to lay so fast if not fertilized. In my experience females hold...
  3. soundspawn

    Pnigomantis medioconstricta

    (Currently) just a few shots of my female having a snack. I also figured out how to actually zoom with my macro lens instead of shoving it in her face, so that was exciting :P
  4. soundspawn

    Mantids Available

    I have the following available: Tenodera sinensis (Chinese) fresh adults $12 each (specify sex) or $20 per sexed couple Orthodera novaezealandiae (the real New Zealand native) adults (taking backorders) or subadults $12 each (specify sex) or $20 per sexed couple Parasphendale agrionina...
  5. soundspawn

    T. sinensis adults

    I have some extra Chinese adults, final molt within the last week (full instar documentation is provided). $20 per sexed pair, or $12 per sexed individual. Shipping from Portland Oregon.
  6. soundspawn


    I have budwings coming out of my ears - if anyone would like L1/L2 nymphs let me know. I think $2 each is reasonable for L1/L2. Shipping from Portland Oregon.
  7. soundspawn

    WTB Male C. pictipennis

    Looking for male adult or subadult Creobroter pictipennis
  8. soundspawn

    Reptile Expo this Saturday (Portland Oregon)

    I didn't see any posts about the reptile expo this weekend, but I've heard there often are mantids and of course there will be mutual feeders, terrariums, and other supplies. I'll be going, anyone else?
  9. soundspawn

    My feeder set ups

    For anyone thinking about breeding feeders, here is some documentation on what I have. Up front I would say it is worth the time effort and energy if you have a lot of mouths to feed. The crickets will breed out of control in no time so you either need a lot of predators or someone to sell...
  10. soundspawn


    Ordered ooth, arrived really fast, great packaging and care was obviously taken down to every detail. Included some instructions and we have been chatting since. 10/10, very happy.
  11. soundspawn

    The Bug Room

    Figured I'd share a little knowledge while showing off my set up... I have a dedicated room converted in to a terrarium, including automatic (and fairly advanced) lighting, heating/cooling, and humidity control. If anyone is thinking about doing something similar and wants to talk about it, or...
  12. soundspawn

    Hello from the Willamette Valley

    Hello everyone, my name is Ross and I'm setting up a mantis paradise in the beautiful Willamette Valley. I'll make more specific posts in individual subforums to get in to details, but here's a little sampler about me and what all I'm doing: I grew up in the Valley (Salem area, then more...