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  1. sschind

    Found This June Beetle. Why do June Beetles have hairy chests?

    I did that once and I received such a verbal redress that I have never made that mistake again.  I have never in my life heard a woman talk like that.  
  2. sschind

    Damon medius scare!

    I know exactly how you felt.  When I first got into Tarantulas I knew all about the molting obviously but I was not aware they did it upside down.  I came into my shop one morning to find one of my adults upside down and I thought it was dead.  I put it in the back of the store and went about my...
  3. sschind

    getting pinheads past the pinhead stage.

    Damon diadema and Phrynus marginemaculatus for the whips and Psytalla horrida for the Assassins.  The diadema just hatched.  One female marginemaculatus is about to go and the horrida started hatching mid February.  Pinheads are fine for the baby marginemaculatus  but they are too small for the...
  4. sschind

    getting pinheads past the pinhead stage.

    I have heard that.  I'm raising them mainly for my tailless whip scorpions (another batch hatched today)  and assassin bugs. 
  5. sschind

    getting pinheads past the pinhead stage.

    Tiny, fast, flying, climbing, substrate requiring, possible infesting roaches are not for me.  I'll stick with my dubia and orange heads unless I decide to add discoids. edit:  so I did a little more research and found out they can't really climb or fly but when I had them years ago I did find...
  6. sschind

    getting pinheads past the pinhead stage.

    most of my setups prior to this new experiment have tended toward the dry side.  Pretty much everything I have read says pinheads need higher humidity.  I've watched dozens of you tube videos and they all stop at hatching.  No one goes into details about what is needed to get past that. I...
  7. sschind

    getting pinheads past the pinhead stage.

    Thanks for the info. I've tried a tub with substrate but I always got mold but I didn't' use springtails so maybe that is an option.
  8. sschind

    getting pinheads past the pinhead stage.

    I have no problems getting thousands, probably tens of thousands pinhead banded  crickets every month from my purchase of 500 adults but my problem is getting them past the first couple of molts.  I lose probably 75% or more within the first 2 or 3 molts.  I know they need higher humidity and I...
  9. sschind


    Just got a package of ghosts from Dave and everything went great.  Great communication, nice mantids, great price, quick shipping, excellent packaging... Everything you could ask for.  I will definitely consider buying from him again. Thanks Dave. Steve Schindler
  10. sschind

    How many is to many?

    I probably wasn't your favorite person at that point was I?  
  11. sschind

    Unexpected ooth hatches?

    Come on man.  Is that even a thing?
  12. sschind

    How many is to many?

    I am without doubt greatly saddened by your decision but at the same time I can not help but admire the spirit with which you are willing to endure the imensitude of the shunning and looking down upon you shall be forced to endure.  I doff my hat to you my good lady.  You are indeed strong. How...
  13. sschind

    How many is to many?

    I think having more than 5 is being greedy and selfish.  Any mantis owner with more than 5 should be looked down upon and/or shunned by the rest of the community.  Since it saddens me to no end to see such otherwise wonderful people being looked down upon and/or shunned by anyone I am prepared...
  14. sschind


    Just picked up some awesome P. horrida assassin bugs from Josh and the deal couldn't have been sweeter.  I was concerned with heat for shipping and he welcomed my suggestion for a pickup and besides having to drive in Chicago land traffic everything went great.   Good luck with the move Josh...
  15. sschind

    How big is a mature female vinegaroon?

    As long as it kind of sticks together a little when you squeeze it its fine.
  16. sschind

    Vinnie and Amblypygi

    Very cool.  Two of my favorite species and two of the easiest animals I have ever cared for.
  17. sschind

    How big is a mature female vinegaroon?

    Doesn't look like an adult to me.  I'm guessing one more molt which she is probably getting ready for.  She looks very plump from this angle. I'm guessing she should be in hibernation (or whatever they call it for bugs)  Give her about 4-5 inches of damp cocofiber with a piece of bark or cork...
  18. sschind

    intelligence and live hobbies??

    On  average I doubt people who keep live animals are any more intelligent than those who participate in hobbies not involving live animals.  To to raise yourself to the level where you could be considered a "master" of that particular hobby takes a great deal of knowledge of the subject but...
  19. sschind

    I never get tired of this

    Babies from mom #2 just hatched.  Looks like mom #3 is just starting.  Actually mom #2 was the third female I noticed with eggs so she should have been mom #3.  I must have missed her eggs early on.  Babies from the OP are separated into trios and are starting to molt again.  Lost 4 so far but...
  20. sschind

    I never get tired of this

    By individual species they are my best sellers at Tinley Park and I sell out every year but I still sell more T's over all.  We shall see next time when I am hoping to have 100+ to offer.  Final count from this batch was 54